• Hi all,
    I’m saving up some £ for one of these:
    So need to sell some of my bikes / framesets:
    1st up : serotta custom ti frame with Columbus minimal paint matched forks and 2 x stems ( or complete bike) £ 900
    Serotta Colorado frame, Serotta carbon forks, serotta seatclamp : £450
    Pictures and dimensions to come soon cheers!

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  • How tall are you?

  • Are you selling a Muddy Fox?

  • Rides a 58cm from memory. But I’m hanging around in case there’s anything bigger...

  • Those Serottas...

  • Thanks. Probably a touch small for me.

  • Ignore - fail

  • Some pictures:

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  • Lovely!

  • Some more:

  • About the Colorado, would you be willing to post abroad?

  • Gorgeous bikes!

    Ugly car (soz)

  • Pictures seem to have crashed, happy to post abroad:
    Beauty is in the eye of the beholder 😉

  • Here you go:

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  • Edit: Undibs custom Ti - I’d read that you were selling the custom ti for £450!!!! thank fuck for that! I’d just found my grail Moots... as you were...

    It’s a stunner, GLWS!

  • How much are you asking for the muddy fox? And what size is it roughly?

  • Possible dibs on Muddy Fox pending price

  • Looking forward to hearing some sizes.

  • Possible second dibs on the mf pending price and size...

  • Undibs, too big!

  • Sheez, I could probably justify this on the grounds of "it's for a good cause" (the DS is a godly car)

  • The car is a Stunner. As a convertible, it is a comprehensive French icon. As a saloon, it is simply gorgeous with a very French control system. Iconic all round.

  • Bump....I love bikes AND the car. Drove Fiat Multipla for many years and so many people commented about it being ugly. Until I gave them a key to try it......DS is by far the most comfy car ever to be made, but those two bikes are not going to get you far I think, knowing THAT suspension :)

  • thanks for the PMs.
    I'll be posting dimensions and prices that need them and options later on then replying to PM's.
    WFH/home schooling = juggling!

  • Hi all,
    here are the dimensions for those that asked (all are in cm)

    *** All are 27.2 post (apart from the muddy fox) , english BB, external headsets ***

    If you want a headset to go with the frames i have:
    1" King pewter (sotto voce) nothreadset
    1" King Sour apple (sotto voce) nothreadset
    1 1/8" Blue hope threadless

    Serotta Custom Ti: (C4ti tubing)
    TT = 55cc
    ST= 57cc - 59CT
    HT= 16.3
    Includes paint matched Columbus minimal forks
    2 x Pro plt custom painted stems - 120mm and 130mm

    Serotta Colarado III
    Colorado tubing and Serotta F2 full carbon threadless forks (1 1/8th)
    TT= 53cc (use a long stem!)
    ST = 56.5cc - 58.5 ct
    HT = 17.6

    Savine - columbus zona with llwellyn lugs frame / columbus Max forks (1")
    TT = 55cc
    ST = 57ct - 58.5CT
    HT= 17

    Muddy fox courier - frame and forks / no headset but i have either a lovely campag or generic seatpost to go with it (extra £)
    TT = 55.5cc
    ST = 52.5cc - 54ct
    HT= 15.5

    I also have a rare as hen's teeth set of 1" threadless kona project 2 matte black forks that could be used with this frame for extra £


Citroen DS funds sale: Serotta Colorado III full build / Scapin KsPRo options...! Serotta SOLD Savine SOLD Muddy Fox SOLD

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