Two retro roadies. Space for one

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  • Hola.

    I have managed to bag a pair of really beautiful road frames; a Gazelle Team Frame from 1998 and a v.rare Kona Kapu from 1995

    However, I can only justify building-up one of them.. so the other will have to go. I’m having a tough time deciding so I though I’d commission the hive-mind of Lfgssss

    ((EDIT: Gazelle is sold. Kona is kept… ))

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  • The Kona has been on my wish-list for years and I was very lucky to get one in my size - none were imported into the UK and this one came from Denmark a couple of owners back. The frame is Columbus Genius and it’s really really light! It was re-painted about 10 years ago with 1998 decals and there’s a few touch ups - so I was thinking of getting it re-re-painted by Bob Jackson — Partly to check under the paint for corrosion- as it wouldn’t take long for rust to eat through the thin tubes.

    The Gazelle is 531c tubing and while light, it definitely feels a couple of hundred grams heavier than the kona (not a bad thing for stiffness & durability though). Race number thingy is still present and the original paint is in good shape - but certainly patina’ed

    Gazelle is a hair longer (54 TT) than the kona (53 cm) but the headtube is back achingly short at 10cm ... the Kona has a much more friendly 12cm length - more my standard.

    So which should I keep?

  • Both beautiful. Tentative dibs on whichever one loses...

  • TVM's come up every now and then, these Konas barely do. I'd be sticking with the Kona tbh. Plus the geo sounds a bit more back friendly ;) Beautiful framesthough, both of them.

  • My heart is with the Kona, but nice as it is, it’s a Taiwan built frame. The Gazelle is made in Holland (pedigree yo) and the lug finishing is really exquisite. That’s my inner snob talking

    Kona original livery:

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  • I'd stick with the Kona, it's different and repainted with the correct format logo will look ace. You'd find another Gazelle pretty easily.

  • I'd stick with the Kona but maybe thats the 11 year old MBUK reader in me.

  • unforbidden tho.

  • +10 on the Kona

  • Ko-na! Ko-na! Ko-na! But the Gazelle is lovely as well.

  • Kona.

  • Gazelle geo looks ace

    May i ask what the stem is?

  • Kona here too. And I don't even own a MTB.

  • Keep both! Later you can change all the parts from one to the other and vice versa!!! Win win

  • kona

  • You always, always have room for another bike!

  • kona

  • Well the hive mind has spoken - Not even close!

    Perhaps I’ll hang the Gazelle on the wall for a while :-(

    Next question - keep the Kona steel fork or pop on a Columbus minimal? Frame ain’t lugged and angles look modern so I don’t reckon the carbon fork would look out of place

    P.s. the stem is a 3TTT “Pro Chrome”

  • Sell me the gazelle! Problem solved, I’ll let you have a go when I’ve built it! 👍🏻👍🏻

  • K O N A. Keep the other frame though, no need to build it up. Wall decoration until you have space.

  • Your bike and all, but the paint on the Kona looks cooler than the one on the catalogue shot

  • At risk of jumping on the already run away bandwagon, Kona, and I’d stick with the original fork too.

  • The Kona is truly unique, shame the paint isn't original anymore though. Personally I would go for that one. That said, the Gazelle in this colorway is one of the best ones they ever did.

  • Great finds, i'd stick with the Kona for all the reasons listed above however I think the Gazelle would probably make the better looking bike with less effort. The lines on the Kapu look a bit awkward but it should be a fun challenge to make it look right.

    Looking at the brochure I like how the original stem looks to follow the toptube angle. The 3TTT on yours is a bit -17 on a compact frame. Maybe a 75 degree (sim works?) stem to get a touch of rise? Will also help with slamming the stem. Definitely keep the original forks, pretty light already according the the blurb.

  • Well the Gazelle is up for sale now .. sadly!

    But I did make some progress on the Kona - still a mock-up but chain thrown on to test ride up the street - geo feels comfy

    Not sure about the carbon fork though .. the steel one looks better. The 5800 also looks shit - too new. I do have a nearly complete mid-2000s Centaur groupset that will probably suit this better

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Two retro roadies. Space for one

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