Worn cone pins

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  • I got one side off with my SPA2, but the drive side is worn and doesnt grip well enough. Bastard front chainring already drank my blood.
    Any help or ideas would be great.


  • Can you fit something straight in either hole and then tap around with a hammer?

    That is what I did the first time I came across a set of bolts like this (later I bought the proper tool).

  • Needle nose pliers?

  • Small punch or drift, and a hammer. Gentle, frequent taps should do it - hit it too hard and it’ll jam against the threads and lock up.

  • Cheers guys. It's pretty stiff, gonna leave it with wd40 overnight before attempting some more

  • I may be wrong but it looks like a self-extracting crank bolt. Remove the crank with an Allen key

  • Yep. That it was! The WD40 helped massively, but jesus it was so stiff I had to step on the hex key and use my body weight just to get the initial turn.
    Thanks all.

  • When I say Allen key, I mean of course a long handled ratchet with an Allen head socket for maximum torque. The outer disc will be much easier to remove when it doesn’t have the axle bolt up against it on the inside.

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Worn cone pins

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