• Does anyone want to take all the bits in the photos below off my hands for free? If there's some value in here to anyone, great. The main thing to me is that it ALL goes to one person in one go (collection from E11) and ideally to someone who will use as much of it as possible.

    Pretty much everything here has issues, but it's also all variously either liveable with, repairable or useable for spares.

    Issues include but are not limited to:
    Cougar frame has stuck seatpost and crack at top of seattube
    Diamant frame has snapped drive side dropout, but otherwise a nice (531c) frame
    Aksium 8spd wheels have numerous dead spokes and very worn brake surface
    Cxp30 on Mirage 8spd wheels have broken cone nut on rear
    Rear deraileurs are each either rusty or bent out of shape
    Couple of the brake calipers have snapped screws (think the campy Mirage ones are fine though)

    Obviously you can chuck the unwanted smaller bits in a bin (you can chuck it in mine before you go if you really want to, I'll throw in a black bag) but I'd rather you did that with as little of this as possible.

    Can post more info/pics if that's not enough for anyone to bite. Hope this isn't a dumb idea, but obvs don't hesitate to flame/troll if it is. Otherwise, dibs followed by concrete plans to collect everything in the photos, please.

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  • Dibs mirage wheels please!!

  • Diamant is the one from this thread , but with lots of locking up marks through the paint and the snapped dropout mentioned above. The longer seatpost is a 27.0 that fits this frame.

  • "all or nothing"

  • Ah didn’t read, my only vehicle is my bike. I could probably manage the parts, two frames and one wheelset if that helps?

  • I'll hold out for someone who can take it all away, but if no bites I'll come back to you. Hope that sounds fair.

  • Cougar, aksiums and a few of the bits started out here

  • Yeah absolutely fair. Your call. Only really need the wheels anyway, if it works out I’d be chuffed with mirage and askiums.

    FWIW this might be of interest for @Pecknam

  • Ha, just noticed I left my luggage scales in shot. They're not included (but they're like 2 quid on ebay)

  • Ill take it all!

    EDIT: Would rather see it go to a charity tho

  • I'll take that as a first dibs, can you PM me to arrange collection?

  • Also meant to say, if there's sufficient value here, the taker might want to make a donation to the forum and/or to my charity of choice, Crisis. Just a suggestion, obvs.

  • The tubular wheelsets (nice Mavic hubs...), saddle and brakes were previously here

  • Would you sell the hubs? could donate the money to somewhere if thats also an option?

  • Would you sell the mavic hubs? could donate the money to somewhere if thats also an option?

  • Having just looked at the project, it would be great if this could go to @Pecknam if it would be of some use. Proxy first dibs are now with @Pecknam, if that doesn't work out will come back to dibs as they appear here.

  • Again, "all or nothing", no interest in getting paid myself, any donations a matter of individual conscience/generosity. Also see above re Dibs passing to @Pecknam in case the Bike Project could make use.

  • Fair! would rep

  • Hi, I'd love this if the first in line bails, happy to donate to the forum, redistribute parts to the other guys who want them and give the remainder to Bikeworks, have pm'd cheers.

  • Strong reply. Will get back to messages later as my toddler just woke up from his nap...

  • 👍🏼

  • Give the London Bike Kitchen a shout if you need to ship this asap.

    Disclaimer, I do find a few of the staffs of being a bit obnoxious (Yes, I do mean that...) in the past, that said I do know they do good work for the community.

    It's a bit of a trek from E11, for a good cause though...

  • if you're interested in selling/getting rid of the vittoria tyres and if theyre 28c, PM me please

  • Hey mate. Thanks for dibsing on my behalf! Unfortunately I just volunteered to be a drop off for them as a one off, so can't take them unless I do another drop point. But I can put you in touch with the bike project coordinator to see if they can pick up if useful?

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All or nothing freecycle of variously knackered frames, wheels, bits and pieces

Posted by Avatar for E11_FTW @E11_FTW