• Thanks for the correction on the Team Panasonic kit, as I'd always thought the Raleigh's were after the Merckx's. And nice to know the kit I've got is quite rare.

    Yeah the Domo kit was a just a cheapy reproduction not an original. Thanks as always for the Merckx info Jacek, I look forward to a comprehensive post here or over on Bikeforums.net soon detailing every type of conceivable Merckx kit ever ;)

  • Got some nice comfortable old school leather shoes from eBay recently, they accept 3 bolt cleats so work with all my current bikes. Love the lightening bolts on these GG Duegi's, like Billy Whizz's shoes from the Beano, I can pretend I'm an amphetamine charged cyclist of the past.

    And some old Vittoria's.

    Which came in the original box which is cool in its own right.

    On the sides are two Panini sticker style pics of Vittoria sponsored World Champion riders Stephen Roche and Maurizio Fondriest.

  • Nice. Did you see the matching Stephen Roche jersey frompossiblythe same seller?

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  • No I didn't see that, very nice, would have been interested pending size and price info. I can't seem to find it on my eBay search just now, so assume it's gone already, bah!

  • roche

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  • Or is it Gary numan?

  • The man in the moon?

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  • These have taken literally years to acquire via regular ebay scanning, but I got a couple more bits of Team Panasonic kit to match my Merckx.

    Already had these from back on page 1...

    All the way from Switzerland I managed to get an original cap, the one on the right. The one on the left is a modern repro, notice in addition to the obvious fading on the repro, the font is slightly different and the strip of blue is a different width.

    And arriving this week, found some NOS original gloves.

    Nearly have the full kit. My googling isn't bringing up anything, but did they do Team Panasonic shorts does anyone know? I'm not on Twitter but if anyone can ask Pippa York if she's got some old Team Panasonic socks or shorts she's not using kicking about the house, I'd love to give them a new home :)

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Show us your classic vintage jerseys .....also featuring associated tragi-mamil matching kit

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