• Wool/acrylic, perhaps not cycling specific, but what I like about it is the embroidery, and that on the front only, the previous owner seems to have got someone to add a slightly wonky 'F' for femminile.

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  • Brilliant... I had that jersey and them tri bars in 1992 also

  • pretending to be Greg Lemond in 1992

    I've found another pic of you here:

  • Prompted by @Jonny69 collection of meubles I just dig out some of my retro kit...
    Here’s Gilly Meubles a nylon front by Campitello - wore this daily every winter until last year when I became a Mamil And started commuting on gears

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  • I still use quite a lot of knitted kit in the winter, here’s my track top

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  • And this fetching combo it’s pretty snug on a cold day with a merino base

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  • Silky mixes for summer rides (no ironing allowed)

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  • Like the Euro-style word order there

  • We’ve not seen many retro shorts on this thread yet. proper chamois is a pain to look after...

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  • Sean Kelly style Vittoria shoes

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  • Accessories blagged from soigneurs during the tours excursions to Brighton and Dublin. the cap was signed by Riis (now faded to invisible)

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  • And I still wear my 90s oakleys

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  • Yes another example of Uk cycling being all continental and fancy

  • That old Vittoria logo is reminding me of the presumably contemporaneous

  • I have this 90s track bike from a small Belgian bike shop

    So I had to pick up this 90s jersey from the same small Belgian bike shop

  • Haha, I need to find a pink cap!

  • I may as well ask here. If anyone has some bandanas to sell I'd be interested. There's some Pantani ones on ebay but they're 60€...

  • This is immense.

  • Yes from me. Think I’m actually going to buy one!

  • Here is my West Twickenham Road Club jersey.

    I have owned this since 1960 (when it was given to me). I can still get it on and have picture to prove it. I have just commissioned new cuffs to replace the original moth damaged ones. It is probably the only one of these still in existence, and I'm very fond of it.

    Notice the collar, which was a normal but inexplicable feature of racing jerseys at that time.

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  • Rear view of WTRC jersey.

    There is no tag with a maker's name, but if I had to guess I'd say it could be Raxar, since it probably came from Ken Ryall. It's made of some sort of man made fibre and it's very heavy - about 410 grams, almost half as much again as my Hounslow road jersey. The bands are not printed, but pieced together and sewn with an overlocker.

    As you can see it has rear pockets, but nothing at the front - a very modern feature for the late '50's.

    I have a little collection of Hounslow jerseys which I will post here soon.

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  • @mattyc

    I have a Gazelle Vredestein jacket

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  • Got this as a gift from a friend but have never worn it because it looks too beautiful to smudge with dirt and sweat.

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Show us your classic vintage jerseys .....also featuring associated tragi-mamil matching kit

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