• New jerseys look shit. Fact.

    This thread is in praise of those moth eaten, itchy, boiling hot in summer, water hoarding in winter, woollen jerseys, and the bold colours of the boiling hot in summer, boiling hot in winter, acrylic jerseys of cyclings' glorious and juiced past.

    We forgive them their shortcomings because they remain the best looking cycling jerseys ever made, even though they rarely come in the size you want. Millennial kit not admitted, pre-2000 threads only.

    Advanced light materials can fuck off, wicking is for candles, aero is a chocolate.

    1. If you have a vintage jersey to match a bike you have/had, we want to see it. Show us the bike it matches too.
    2. If you've got a prized jersey from a friend of family member, and its hella sentimental to you, show us and tell us about it. Similarly if you have an old jersey you wore during an epic ride or tour or other cycle adventure, that forever reminds you of said adventure, share here. Note if your story and/or pictures featured on Instagram it does not count, they do not garner sufficient heritage points, are too recent, and are not admissible here. Insta & The Radavist are over >>>>>somewhere.
    3. If you've got a jersey from a pro or signed by one, name drop and show your treasure.
    4. If you've just scored an achingly cool vintage jersey from eBay or elsewhere, come on then, lets have a look.

    And finally if you are further along the OCD spectrum, and have also acquired matching caps, gloves, socks, sunglasses, shoes and any other paraphernalia that match your jersey, lets see the full ensemble.

    I'll get us started. I've got a Merckx Team Panasonic.

    The Panasonic Team only rode Merckx bikes for 1 year before they moved to Raleigh bikes. Therefore most of the Team Panasonic jerseys seen feature the later Raleigh/Isotar sponsors. I've got a Team Panasonic cap which are common, and over a few years of eBay scanning I have managed to find some Merckx branded Panasonic kit, a jacket and a jersey.

    I've also got a 1989 Bottecchia, soon to get a revamp but currently re-purposed as a boxer short drying rail, vintage of course.

    Greg Lemond won the 1989 TDF with Bottecchia, and for that year the TDF commissioned artist Mario Schifano to do a series of jerseys for the Tour. Courtesy of eBay again I managed to find the yellow jersey version, as Greg won it that year.

    The only other jersey like that I've seen was being worn by an elderly lady that featured on a Youtube clip in recent years with her husband on a tandem. They were both well into their 80's, from Wales I think, and had been touring on their bike for over 50 years. It was a real heart warming feel good cycling clip, and I whooped even more and was giving the lady virtual high fives when I saw we had the same jersey. CSB/

    My next project is going to be a Reynolds 753 bike. I have not got it yet, but have just acquired the appropriate jersey to wear when that is built.

    Other nice vintage jerseys I've got that are not bike specific, or I don't own the specific bike. I've got this lovely embroidered Vittoria Tubulari jersey.

    It also features a sewn on Bianchi patch. I don't own a Bianchi but at some point in the future I'm obviously going to have to get one :)

    Also like this one and wear this a lot.

    I've got this terry towling lined, long sleeved Campagnolo Ergo Power jersey, with a list of classic races on it. In modern marketing it would be an all weather jersey as even if its snowing its so fecking hot you don't need to wear any other layers.

    And finally in homage to the juiced up riders of the past, I'm going to break one of my own rules straight off the bat, but its only a minor date infringement, so a mere bio-passport slap on the wrist. The Domo Farm Frites cycling team raced in 2001-2 before becoming the Quickstep team. I've just built up my Domo Farm Frites Merckx MX Leader.

    And just found this on eBay so am currently waiting for this to arrive.

    Over to you.....

  • Snap

    And I have a pair of wool shorts to go with it.

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  • I have a Eddy Merckx lotto Emerxil Team frame from 1986 and the jersey.

    A Domex Weinmann Eddy Merckx bicycle with full 7400 (in storage) and matching Jersey.

    A Eddy Merckx Corsa 01 in Gan colourway (also in storage) and long sleeve matching Jesery

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    • E1B9FD3A-8B65-405B-BBD5-582877E1250A.jpeg
  • Quality thread!

  • Where do I start ha..

    • First proper jerseys I got my hands on. Zeus Fagor alongside a random spanish Razesa one -

    • Wool Zeus Yellow Jersey EVCC -

    • Classic Red Zeus short sleeve with matching was NOS long sleeve -

    • Zeus Corcho Track jersey, no pockets made from super thin silky type material -

    • Zeus Blue and Zeus / Mako Cleaning Sponsored jersey -

    Don't think anyone done vintage jerseys better than Cinelli imo. Colours and style was nearly always spot on.

    • Cinelli The Machine Racing Team matching short and long sleeve -

    • Cinelli Italo matching set -

    • Cinelli CCCP Soviet National track team jersey -

    • Cinelli Tommaso summer specials. Matching shorts -

    • Campagnolo. Need this in long sleeve badly. -

    • Shimano matching short sleeve and winter jacket -

    • Brian Rourke clashy fluro number. Tunstall Wheelerz represent -

    More photos here if you are into this kinda stuff

  • Advanced light materials can fuck off, wicking is for candles, aero is a chocolate.

    Very good. The collection is not too shabby either.

  • Currently growing the team issue mullet for this

  • Never has a jersey needed the matching shorts more.

  • A few of mine -

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  • .

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  • And

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  • .

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    • Fotor_158973933123126.jpg
    • Fotor_158973942026118.jpg
    • Fotor_158973956849537.jpg
  • Another

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  • Nice work everyone, loving the Merckx ones @Simpson, @SideshowBob that last blue Adidas Merckx one is great too. Those red Zeus ones are also class and agree the Cinelli ones are classics. That Castorama one though, noooooo cannot not think of Lederhosen when I see that kit. Wasn't that voted one of the worst ever?

    I found that clip I mentioned above of the inspirational cycling pensioners, Graham and Betty, Betty wearing her Mario Schifano jersey like mine. This could be posted in 'Epic Win' too.

    And in the continued spirit of generating cycling inspired good vibes, @BigH I have a proposition for you. Hearing you actually mention that you so wanted one, guess what. I don't have the jersey, but I do have an XL long sleeve full front zip jacket, with Giordana logos just like your short sleeve version. It has a lovely shine too it in the sunshine. I got it a few years ago off eBay, and wear it occasionally on my Team Panasonic. I did not pay much for it, and don't wear it much. Here's some pics.

    It would be cool to have this thread so suddenly magic up a wish that could so easily be granted, so how about this for an offer you hopefully cannot refuse:

    Make a £10 donation to the forum, and PM me your address and I will mail it to you, or if you are London based, I can drop it off to you, in a acceptable social distancing way. That's it.

    It looks better with your bike, and as you have the jersey already, and have clearly been looking for one, well, I'd just be reassigning it to a more grateful owner. You win, forum wins, I get a fuzzy glow from helping a fellow cyclist. Everyone wins, its Jim'l'fix it without the sex crimes.

    What do you say?

  • I would love it but if its an XL I will sadly never use it, I'm a small 18" pit to pit as much as its a deal at £10, so must pass on your very kind offer. I honestly really appreciate the offer but I've got rid of loads of jerseys that didn't fit me over the last few months.

    This thread is great tho. Some proper classic gems being posted

  • OK no worries, the 'they're never in the size you want' curse strikes again.

  • Wasn't that voted one of the worst ever?

    By idiots. It's amazing ;-)

  • This thread reminds me that the biggest improvement in cycling in the past 30-odd years that I've been riding is the clothing.

  • No bike to match, Sadly, but found this in a backstreet vintage shop in Florence. Assume it’s a trade team? Large enough for me to wear it!

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    • 33A0E755-D0A0-4113-B75B-B8E27CE725FB.jpeg
  • Lovely...Vittore Gianni, the Holy Grail! Reminds me of this classic which I have

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    • IMG_20200519_093512.jpg
  • According to Andy Storey in The Art of the Jersey, Laurent Fignon had a hand in the design.

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  • When the time is right we are going to need some more Vintage Jersey rides!

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  • J’adore le supermarché:

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  • I always liked the Z Vetements kit my brother used to wear back in the 80's. Don't think Mamil's were a thing back then but was this essentially the Team Sky kit of it's day? Wouldn't mind hunting for a jersey but would like a background check first!

  • I have the Z jersey. Im sure I have two!

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Show us your classic vintage jerseys .....also featuring associated tragi-mamil matching kit

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