Apidura Parallels 24h

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  • Just seen this announced this morning: https://www.apidura.com/parallels

    Seems like a solo 24h TT but the mileage will be calculated as the crow flies from start to finish, so no out and back routes.

    Anyone thinking of doing it? If so, what are you thinking RE getting back once you've done in light of the current situation?

    I'd be keen to have a crack but not convinced of the safety of travelling back home from wherever I ended up via public transport....

  • Just turn it into a 48hr event. Saying that, fuck cycling for 24hrs across the country going into shops in countless different counties for food.

    Edit: Travel wise, mine to London is around 250miles, maybe head to Southend to make it 300miles, it should only be two trains back home.

  • My legs would struggle at 24h, let alone 48h!

    It does feel a bit off in the current climate, as while you could probably carry all the food you'd need if needed I daresay many would want to stop and resupply along the way, let alone use public transport home.

    I'd definitely be up for giving it a go, but more likely if it was delayed until the timing was better.

  • The straight line is likely to put you the furthest possible distance from home, that seems poorly thought out.
    Food would be ok fluid would be a greater concern.
    Having not been on the bike for more than 2hrs recently I’d be unsure how comfortable I’d be over 24h or longer if cycling back.

  • It's late May now, this is only in a month's time. It seems a little stupid considering the current guidelines are "You should stay at home as much as possible."

    "Try to reduce your travel. This will help keep the transport network running and allows people who need to make essential journeys to travel."

  • Reading the guidelines, this doesn't need to be one single ride. It looks as if you can ride out, record the distance, then ride back and upload another ride.

    "What if I plan to ride a loop?
    Your parallels distance is measured from the start to finish of your uploaded ride. If you are planning to ride a loop or there-and-back, make sure you split your ride, ending your first recording at the point furthest from your start. You can upload as many rides as you wish during your chosen 24 hour period."

    So in effect, I could ride to the end of my road, upload ride, ride back, upload ride x 24 hours?

    "Can I do more than one ride?
    Yes! You can do as many rides in the 24 hour period as you wish. As long as you tag or email us each ride you can create as many lines as you wish – if you can’t go far, get creative!"

  • What do you accomplish?

  • I see. That's less of an issue then, although I can see this encouraging some silly rides.
    But if I wanted to keep it responsible I could do 1000 laps of my road and the outbound bit would be added up.

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Apidura Parallels 24h

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