Benana bags - tool rolls

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  • Hello,

    With this extra free time a lot of us have, I have been making myself some bags. It takes more time working out the design than the actual sewing so I thought I would make a few extra and see if I can sell them.

    These are the classic under saddle tool roll you see a few companies doing. The only real difference is they are a little bigger and can hold a bigger tube. I designed it around tube that can fit up to 29x2.4. I have also tried it with a 25c tube and that worked nicely too.

    Made with black 1000D cordura and ladder lock buckle.

    Dimensions when open 30cm x 27cm

    3 for sale at £20 each including p&p (I'm not in London so no collection sorry)

    If these sell I will make a donation to the forum.


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  • Dibs one of those. They look ideal - you have PM.

  • Dibs another pls!

  • Dibs. will send PM

  • Amazing thanks!

  • If you make a 4th...

  • 5th

  • I use a very similar tool roll and I put a safety pin through the chord to stop it slowly coming undone while cycling. I'm not really in the market to buy a new one now, but you're in a great opportunity to make a roll that doesn't need a safety pin.

  • I’ll take one if there are more going! (Was just starting to hunt for something like this... any chance you could do one in red? Or a reflective material?)


  • Would also be interested in one, look great.

  • Can I have one too if any left? Or I’ll put my preorder in please :)

  • The bigxtop tool rolls came with this buckle design so I presumed it would be fine as he made those for years. In an earlier design I used a thinner webbing and that could slip slightly. This is a thicker one and it seemed okay in my tests. I will include a tri glide on the webbing to help keep it secure.

  • Agreed. I made myself one identical to the above and it comes loose quickly with this type of closure only.

    Edit: Maker says it works so I guess these ones are fine

  • This should do the trick although it seemed secure without. Will include with them

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  • It could very well be fine, you may be right about the thicker webbing.

  • I think the choice of webbing can make a difference. Pictured on top is a soft feel webbing that although nicer did slip through. The one on the bottom is what I used as it was more secure.

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  • I don't want to sell any duff products. So if anyone does have any problems, get in touch. I'm not here to pull a fast one.

  • I'd take 2 if you make more!

  • I currently only have black but do have a strip of reflective material.

    It looks like there is enough interest to make another batch. I want to do more tests or change the design.

  • As above I had a bigxtop tool roll that would come apart. Ended up using it as a jersey pocket wallet instead.
    I’d be interested in one of these as the bigxtop also doesn’t fit a 29 tube, if the op confirms there’s no slipping, please add me to the list if there is one,

  • I am surprised by all the big top tool bags slipping. Tuck the loose end in under the saddle and crank it nice and tight - no problems. Only issue I had when I tried to over stuff it for a race.

  • Looks like a decent little bag. I'd take one if you made some more. Did you use a regular 'home' sewing machine or something a bit heavier?

  • Also interested if you make more

  • These look great, really neatly done and nice to have a little bit more capacity.

    I have a big-x top roll, and two others made by my mum based around a similar design and I have never found this style of closure to come undone. However I have found it frustrating if/when I need to access the bag in a hurry. Have you tried making them with a plastic buckle style clip? Having used similar rolls for a while this would be my only modification, but maybe there is a good reason everyone uses the same fasting you have.

  • I use a regular home sewing machine. It's an old one from my mum, I think it is quite a nice one with only metal cogs.

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Benana bags - tool rolls

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