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  • Wow, that was genuinely really interesting! I hope things have improved since that was recorded

  • Anyone got any good suggestions to top with peanut butter for a quick mouthful

    Dates. The Persian juicy ones.
    On top of a pb dollop, or even better stuff the date with pb.

  • Gherkins/cornichons, the acidity goes great with the pb, likewise for pickled carrot batons (no dill for me).

  • Where do I get cbd peanut butter???

  • In 3 large prospective cohort studies, higher consumption of total and specific types of nuts was inversely associated with total cardiovascular disease and coronary heart disease.­ticle/pii/S0735109717398224

    Having read this thread I feel like I need to up my peanut butter game, we use a cheap Costco option called Skippy, it’s nice enough (I use it in smoothies) but if you want to get heart disease it’s probably full of saturated fat and therefore a good choice.

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  • Interesting read that study.

    My father has peanut butter all the time. Is the size of a house and on blood pressure medication

  • but if you want to get heart disease it’s probably full of saturated fat and therefore a good choice.

    But isn't the article saying that consuming tree nuts (peanuts) reduces the chance of getting heart disease?

  • It is.

    I think @marcomarcos is saying the ‘Skippy’ peanut butter he’s eating isn’t 100% peanuts and contains other ingredients, which are likely not healthy.

  • Absolutely! Peanuts are good.

    I’m a bit conflicted though. Look at the Skippy numbers in the article Below and compare them with the best ranked butter. I guess what I’m asking - is it going to make that much difference to my health sticking with Skippy when all I eat is 1 tbsp a day.­nked/

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  • That’s a debatable “best” though, still pretty high saturated fat. Edit: I misread, if 2 tablespoons is 30g then it’s not much higher.

    Here’s the Pip & Nut smooth I’m about to load up my porridge with:

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  • Never knew there were different types of peanut. Hi-Oleic = mind blown.

  • Healthiest Peanut Butter in the UK­t-butter-uk/

    Or just eat what you like? Reading this thread has given me a problem I didn’t know I had. I might give Meridian a try.

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  • If your peanut butter consumption habits continue as they are, you will become morbidly obese and your heart will explode and you will die and nobody will ever love you. Probably.

  • That’s why my hob nob habit keeps the diet healthy and balanced.

  • Personally I really dislike the flavour of Meridian. I find it has a darker roasty flavour compared with Pip and Nut.

    I agree with whoever said a few pages back that Whole Earth is the winner when it comes to consistency though.

  • Definitely debatable best
    The US has a different starting point to judge most things in terms of their attitude to processing food.

    Scary considering potential sneaky deals being struck with the US Post Brexit

  • Or just eat what you like?

    Skippy is objectively bad

  • I bought a small jar of Morrison’s 100% this afternoon, will see how I get on with that

  • Just ordered some pip n nut can’t wait

  • I have always loved the Whole Earth crunchy stuff, but the dark one has raised it up a notch.

    I do sometimes like it when they've run out of posh stuff and you buy a supermarket own brand one that's got sugar in as well though because it feels naughty.

    PB is the best though. A spoonful in granola or overnight oats is great.

  • Also, chocolate digestive with peanut butter on, and marmalade on top of that.

    Thank me later.

  • Glad I found this thread. My partner was genuinely concerned that I was getting through 1kg a week, now I can tell her it’s normal and lots of people do it.

    I’m all about 100% peanuts (or as close to) pip & nut is my regular at the mo cos it’s the cheapest I can get easily. Also like meridian and Biona. Enjoyed the dark roasted manilife when I tried it.. will check out some of the other recommendations too.

  • 1kg a week? That’s just nuts.

  • Ever just gotten a square of ultra dark chocolate and dunked it into a tub of peanut butter? 👌

  • Fuck the h8rs

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Peanut Butter Appreciation Society - PBAS

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