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  • Just took delivery of 8kg of Whole Earth Crunchy goodness. Half a tub went straight into homemade banana choc chip ice cream*.

    I’m late to the party, ours was never a PB literate household, other kids on the street had almond butter before we had Sunpat. I’m not sure my parents even know butter can be churned from legumes. Took me a good 30 years to discover the pasty nectar but now I can’t get enough of it. A kilo tub lasts about two weeks.

    If Whole Earth didn’t have palm oil (and came out a tap next to the fridge) it would be literally perfect. As it is, it’s just very very good.

    What’s your poison?

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  • palm oil

    Peanut butter should be 100% peanuts no? I buy the organic one from the German corner shop*, it's terrific value.


  • Yaaaay! Great thread

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  • *
    Chop and freeze several very ripe bananas. Pulverise until smooth in a food processor. Add PB at a ratio of 1:3. Seems like a lot but, you know, PB. Process. Chuck in some choc chips, process a bit more. Transfer to tub and freeze again. Lick the spoon. Remove tub from freezer, eat all. Don’t tell anyone.

  • think whole earth is sustainable palm oil so not That bad. Hooked on Manilife atm.

  • Great thread.

    The very best is artisanal.

    The very best of the high street is Morrison’s 100% peanut butter, comes in a glass jar. This tastes better than Whole Earth if you are double blind testing. At a much better price. No palm oil ofc. If you try it you will love it.

    The most energetic is the almond butter and honey pots some bougie brands are making. Surprisingly often found in corner shops. These are straight fire energy fuel but too sweet for sustained consumption.

    I love peanut butter. Several of my best long day rides have been done on 4 peanut butter sandwiches, maybe some with strong cheddar, and some with fig jam. Both sublime combinations.

  • I guess conceptually, 100% peanuts would be best, but I love the texture of Whole Earth. Nothing else has a similar pâté style. Weirdly, somehow adding palm oil makes it less oily and it doesn’t separate. Witchcraft of some kind I assume.

    Also, salt. The addition of salt to anything is rarely a negative.

  • Never had it as a kid (along with a lot of other things it appears) and so I only really started to appreciate it about 5 year ago when my partner kept nagging me to have it. Now that I'm vegan it's go-to snack.
    PB & Blackcurrant jam on seeded toast is my absolute favourite breakfast.

  • I got told today that Aldi have stopped selling their 1kg tubs of awesome PB 😭

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  • Pip & Nut - Crunchy. Nothing beats it.

  • Ooo so much choice
    Ours is:

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  • PS the Biona smooth was a shipping error
    Crunchy all the way

  • Quite liked the CBD Jackpot. Vegetal.

  • Pps
    Anyone tried making their own pb?

  • I make these often

    Simon is a big advocate of PB&J, i am against it

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  • Smooth deviants can form their own society.

  • Greg at Lanark Coffee made it for a while. Was always a bit dark roasted for my liking.

  • . Was always a bit dark roasted for my liking

    Easy to rectify

  • Holland & Barrett have a 100% Peanut PB which also comes in a 1KG tub

  • I feel like now is the time to touch on the elephant in the room. To butter your toast before PB or not.

    I didn't realise it was such a common thing to have PB on dry toast!

  • Butter deffo

  • TBH it rarely makes it to the toast in my kitchen. Generally I'll have a spoonful, put the spoon in the sink so I don't use it again. Then I go back at least twice. Double-dipping would be an issue, but I cunningly finish the tub before it grows legs.

  • How much fat do you people need? Do you put pemmican and mayo on top too?

  • PB mixed into (ironically) fat free greek yogurt... & cherry jam. Best post-ride carb protein mix ever.

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Peanut Butter Appreciation Society - PBAS

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