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  • Fantastic. Even down to the Shamal’s, which I think can look awful on the wrong bike.

  • Oof, that's brilliant. Normally not a fan of the g3 lacing, but it works pretty well here.

  • Got some more snaps early this morning. As the forecast for the coming days is snow and rain, figured I'd make the most of the early rays.

    @Chak, as requested ;)

  • Nicely done 👌

  • Really, really nice

  • Wahoo & light mount arrived. Fresh 2021 start here:

  • #titanium Thursday

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  • I dont get bored of that mosaic.

  • Digging it as always. Nice to see both at once. Mosaic looks far more purposeful but Baum looks more aggressive. Great lines on both.
    Colours aren’t my cup of tea, but they damned well work.

    If I HAD to pick one? Baum. Just looks like it’ll roll forever.

    Ekar is surprisingly low key as well. Should use it on promotional shots.

  • Two different beasts altogether, that's for sure.

    I use the Baum both on the turbo and on the road (these days I'm training on the turbo during the week and take it outside during the weekend for the longer rides)

    Still absolutely love the bike which is quite exceptional for me after 3 years. ;)

    I guess IF I would ever decide to go for a power pedal (Speedplay) I'd change the groupset to a Super Record one. I love the design of that crankset and I prefer the ergopower levers of the SR over the closed RE ones. For now, I'll keep using the Power 2 Max.

    I'm not too happy with the Silca bottle cages on the Mosaic, they're more flexy than the King cage and they only allow certain bolts to be used. If you use regular bolts, the bottle touches them. I've now ordered some new bolts to see if that brings any improvement. If not, I'll swap the cages with the ones on the Baum. That'll leave me with 3 matching King's on the Mosaic and matching Silca's on the Baum.

    I finally found and ordered a bolt on top tube bag, will come in a mix of coyote and forest green. I've also ordered a Thomson seatpost to "replace" the ti post. The ti post works with the older Enve (single bolt) clamping system and I don't have the right adapter to allow the use of a carbon rails.

    As such, I'm now using a Antares with ti rails and white logos instead of the full black one with carbon rails I had in mind. I had both already so no drama but I prefer the black on black on this one. Whenever I'd like to use a seatpack I prefer not to ruin the paint on the ti post. I also got a great deal on a Brooks C13 which I'll give a try to see if I get on with it. Might end up on the Baum actually.....

  • Small update;

    • Thomson post arrived
    • Brooks C13 mounted
    • Matching King cages on the Mosaic
    • Silca bourbon cages to the Baum
    • New black ti hardware on both bikes

    The Thomson post allows me to use either the C13 or the Antares with carbon rails. Next to this, I’d feel less guilty scratching up this post with a seat pack compared to the painted ti seatpost.

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  • I get your reasoning for the Thomson but don't do it man. It was borderline perfect before.

  • No worries, I’m not getting rid of the ti post. ;)

    I’m looking into this system and it’ll completely ruin the paint on the ti post.­-bikepacking/

  • Ti post is back in, found the right adapters to use my carbon braided Fizik saddle so that's all sorted. I'll keep the Thomson just for when I decide to go bike packing.

    Top tube bag is ready and paid for.

  • Arrivato

    Also received a camera pouch in the same design for the Fuji X100.

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  • Getting the bike ready for the Strade Bianche gran fondo, I'll be running these Conti's instead of the WTB's. Overkill for the tarmac segments but this way I'll be running the same setup as my brother, equal weapons and all....And for sure it'll help covering those gravel sections.

    I'll change the pedals for the Speedplay ones when I get closer to the event. It'll be interesting to see how I'll cope with a one by system in a gran fondo setting.

    Some snaps from a ride I did back in May, Jeroboam 150 in the area of Asiago.

    Already stopped using the top tube bag as it simply sits too high. The seat cluster was a loaner to give it a try but it's clearly not for me. I don't appreciate the weight that high up the bike. I reckon if I were to keep using bags on this bike, I'll opt for a frame bag instead.

  • Amazing bike and great photos. Can't wait for you to have a other current project, as each one is even better than the last.

  • Cheers, much appreciated.

    I just got myself a motorbike so not planning on any new additions on short notice, bank account has to recover first. :D

  • First ride yesterday on the new tires, mostly tarmac to see how I'll get on during the GF.

  • Insane bike!!!

  • Strade Bianche done and dusted, quite literally. First time using a single ring setup during a gran fondo, absolutely loved it. Not particularly cold, saw it hitting 35 degrees. Total of approx 140km and 1900m elevation. Opted for the Schwalbe G One in 35mm for this event.

  • Great photos!

  • wow great stuff

  • Sportograf always delivers! 👌🏻

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Mosaic GT2

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