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  • Since I've moved to Italy, the type of riding has changed from road and enduro to strictly road. I've sold the enduro bike and I've been road only for the last 2 seasons. As riding in Italy opens up some other opportunities, I've decided to get myself a gravel bike.

    I'm in no rush to finish the build as I'll only be keen to start using it when fall sets in plus budget has taken somewhat of a hit due to reduced income linked to C-19. However, the lockdown also allowed me to do some homework and get things moving.

    As I'm still very pleased with my ti road bike, I've decided to stick with ti for this next one.

    Speclist final

    1. Mosaic GT-2 frame fade finish - matte pearlescent finish
    2. Enve gravel forks
    3. Chris King headset bourbon
    4. Mosaic titanium stem
    5. Mosaic titanium seatpost
    6. Tune Geweih handlebars
    7. WTB Resolute 700 x 42
    8. Silca bottlecages bourbon
    9. Peaty's tubeless valves bourbon
    10. Eggbeater 2 pedals

    Speclist to be decided

    1. Selle Italia kit carbonio brown nubuck with matching bartape
    2. Fizik Antares R1 with black Tune bartape
    3. Drivetrain (1x for sure)
    4. Wheelset

    Saddle and bartape will be selected once the frame arrives. I've got them both laying around already. Groupset and wheelset will be decided around fall time.


    I started by creating a moodboard and sending that over to Mosaic. As I didn't know what was possible and what not, I figured I'd just create something to my liking. They came back with a counter design which works just great for me to be honest. Currently discussing some minor details before giving the final go-ahead.

    I've included an image of the Baum in the moodboard to illustrate what type of finish I was after paintwise.


    Proposal Mosaic

    For those interested in previous / other builds:

    Previous builds

    Dedacciai titanium
    De Rosa Neo Primato
    Jaegher Interceptor

    Current road bike

    Baum Corretto

    Current commuter

    Bombtrack Outlaw

  • i think your stable lacks an e-bike

  • Too young for that I'm afraid!

  • This is going to be so nice!

  • Possible victim number one

    I'll have to decide when the frames arrives if the brown saddle and tape will work or whether the black Fizik Antares is the better choice. Love the patina on this one, took approx 8000 kilometers and some Fjallraven Greenland wax to get it like this. Should be waterproof now too!

    Cages with tubeless valves


    I already have these pedals waiting but I'll carry on with the matchy-matchy and go for Eggbeaters 2 with a green spring and black rubbers. These will remain as backup.

    I'm still on the lookout for a nice way to mount the frame so I can get some photos done. I can find plenty of wall-mounted options but that's not what I'm after. It's not something linked to this frame specifically as I'll get some other assignments where I can put it to good use as well. Any suggestions or bored CNC'ers / welders somewhere?

  • Are you adamant on the size of the downtube logo? Personally it feels like it mirrors your Baum a little much.
    Also, since this is a gravel bike, why not go for something a little more purposeful with bigger clearances?
    Since I'm assuming you'll be going SRAM this time, you not considered a lighter frame colour to offset the dark gray of the groupset?

  • @dbr on here is a furniture maker, perhaps it's worth getting in touch for your photo / frame stand?

  • It can handle up to 45mm which is enough for what I have in mind.

    Design is not mine in terms of logo placement. It’s their layout when you opt for the fade design. I’m okay with that, it’s what I appreciate on the Baum as well. I prefer this placement over side placement i.e.

    I’ve considered a blue fade instead of green but I know for a fact I’ll get tired of something bright rather quickly. The green in the back ought to be quite light though and the bourbon parts and tires should make it pop in those places.

  • Cool, thanks for the heads up!

  • Serious business this, solid mood-boarding. Look forward to the progress.

    any more links to the de rosa? Would love to see more.

  • Having the Porsche’s in there helps to elevate it a bit haha. Would have looked different with a Multipla and a Ford Ka in there as a reference.

    I don’t have a lot of material on the De Rosa actually as I basically just bought it as a project and sold it straight away. Still got the wheels though.­pb11766026.jpg­pb11766032.jpg­pb11766029.jpg­pb11766031.jpg­pb11889540.jpg

  • Fair fair. You've got an excellent visual eye for things so I have a feeling this will be a right banger in the end.
    Where will you be riding? I really miss the random gravel roads Italy had on offer. Really underrated.

  • Thank you sir!

    I'm based in Veneto, Vicenza region. Anything in the direction of Venice requires a gravel bike really haha.

    I'm keen on getting some nice rides / trips in with this bike, especially as my main goal this year got cancelled which was the Sportful Dolomiti. Last year I had Fred Whitton i.e. so apparently I always need something painful in my agenda to train for.

  • Thanks. That's one classy steed.

  • Cheers! Got some very positive feedback on that, too bad it wasn't my size to begin with. :D

  • This is going to be lovely

  • Crank protectors in OD green. Received some clear frame protection from them as well, used to rock it on the enduro bike and it's really decent stuff.

    Got a pair in black as well just in case the green doesn't look good.

  • Obviously not the right wheel but it looks good nonetheless!

    WTB Resolute in 700 x 42

    Tune Geweih

    Received the Tune bartape as well together with some small Jagwire stuff and Brooks bartape plugs in both natural and black.

  • Those cable channels are a really nice touch. I really have a thing for well crafted parts.

  • You and me both mate, it was the main reason to opt for this one.

    Flare is only 4 degrees which is similar to the road Enve I got on the Baum but that's quite okay for me really. I did go one wider compared to the road one to have a bit more control when in the drops. Not sure if I'll notice the difference to be honest. It's very compact and from what I can tell now, it'll be really comfortable. Also, when sprinting it doesn't seem to get in the way at all, lots of clearance on the wrist area. Happy days!

  • Any updates on this? This is gonna be sweet.

  • Apologies, missed this one!

    It’s in production as we speak, hope to be able to share some images in a week or 3, pending shipment and customs.

    Told them I wasn’t in a rush to get the frame until September somewhere, hence it’s taking longer than a regular order.

  • OCD got the best of me and I've opted for Eggbeaters two with the green spring instead of the red.

    As I only own two of the bourbon Silca water bottle cages, I'll probably move those on to the Baum and I'll use a total of 3 King cage ti's on the Mosaic.

    Also got some Fizik Terra bartape in green, I ended up using the Tune tape on the Baum as it was in need of replacement. Still not sure what combo to use:

    Selle Italia SLR leather with matching tape
    Fizik Antares black with Fizik perforated black tape
    Fizik Antares black with Fizik Terra green tape

    Potentially, use the Fizik Antares from the Baum and place a full black Antares on the Baum.

    I'll give Mosaic a nudge tomorrow to see where we are with the frame.

  • Antares with green. Black will be done and the leather might clash with the tyres and paint scheme.

    Or..or...orr....try them all!

  • If only the custom option was still available at Fizik's :(

    They've stopped that unfortunately, otherwise for sure an Antares with green details would have been an option.

    The leather and tires match quite nicely actually.

    First, let's get hands on that frame and take it from there!

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Mosaic GT2

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