That Starmer fella...

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  • Left-wing activist from humble background becomes respected lawyer but doesn't earn the big bucks because he's providing so much pro bono legal support to left-wing causes, rises to leadership of leading leftwing party, tankies then spend the next however long saying he's not really left wing because a) he's worn a suit and sometimes a wig and b) they're sad that Uncle Tankie was such a damp squib.

    Tankies are desperately tedious.

  • i know right, i mean, surely considering the prospect of creeping fascism, it's not too much to ask for all members of the party to rally around the leader in the interests of defeating a common enemy?


  • Did you just learn the word “tankie”?

  • Good result for Starmer in getting Johnson to u-turn on NHS migrant fees. Maybe proper questioning at PMQs does have an impact after all.

  • Sorry, you're right - some of the absolute boy's acolytes are swappies. Wouldn't want to get them mixed up.

  • Yes those 60 or 70 extra votes from the vanishingly small niche of politics that maps onto oddball-Tory Andrew Boff will come in handy.
    Even the Long March started with a single step.

  • Tankies and swappies
    Just can't keep up.

    Just about mastered 'wicked' and 'sick'

  • Yeah, we get it, the tankies will never like Starmer.

    It's not really hampering his leadership, so I'm happy to let it slide.

  • Last chance for it to happen. Back to bellowing at each other in the usual way and playing to the crowd ASAP.

  • I've written to my MP (Lab) to say how much more engaging the civilised format is, and asked how he'll support maintaining this.

    It might help if lots of people did this nationwide?

  • Bit of a test for Starmer incoming it seems

  • Re: Cummings?

  • Mm! Treading the line between railing them and perceived "point scoring".

  • I think he can sit back & enjoy the show whilst drafting his questions for the next PMQ's. Only risk is this storm has blown through by then. This weeks recess couldn't have been at a worse time really.

  • If they sack him tonight there might be time to move things on before PMQs. Will be tight though.

  • He won't be sacked tonight, they're calling fake news now - see­

  • So Starmer hasn't signed the letter from opposition parties to the PM about the Cummings saga. Has a bigger plan of how to play the situation or scared to appear opportunistic?

  • Maybe he feels no need to be seen to be directly involved, particularly as the public petition for the sacking of wee Dom is rapidly approaching 750k signatures. The shitstorm is gathering perfectly well without his input....

  • I think Starmer is judging all this perfectly. The fire doesn't need more oxygen.

  • with some Tories and others calling it a political attack, he can hold his hands up and say "not me" which is a good place to be.

  • I cringed when I saw this endorsement, but then I laughed, imagining the people who will be wound up by it­27914037456898

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That Starmer fella...

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