That Starmer fella...

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  • Starmer has what they view as competence in spades, and Corbyn didn't. It's superficial, but I think a huge portion of the public think the same way.

    Corbyn is very competent on policy. He's been at this for decades. Starmer can probably put on a veneer of competence (superficial, as you say), but he's simply not experienced enough, and this will show eventually. He hasn't been under any significant pressure yet. Anyway, I wish him well, and we still don't know yet what his true colours are, only some worrying signs, so let's give him time. It'll be a long five years ...

  • Oliver, Cuba was East Germany in the Caribbean; and for some of it's residents it still is.
    Largely propped up by the USSR hence it's problems once the USSR was dissolved.

    I did try to flag up that this was something someone said to me, not my own opinion. However, comparing Cuba to East Germany doesn't go very far. Far too many differences. Then again, if you're going to set up an East Germany anywhere, the Caribbean isn't the worst place in the world. :)

  • I'm not convinced by this. He's also winning people over by appearing prime ministerial. I wouldn't underestimate the impact of a middle-aged bloke in a nice suit.

    I'm not doing that. It's all academic at the moment, anyway, as it's highly unlikely that this 'Government' will collapse or call an early election and he'll have to bide his time for at least five years. Well, four and a half now, or four if they go back to having the election in May, come to think of it.

  • You haven't understood my point.

  • Do you mean, he plays well people who already agree with his policies, rather than people from a similar demographic, profession or background? This would make sense, though he hasn't been that big on policy yet, as he's been dealing with events as they unfold.

    It would boil down to, "people who already agree with him, agree with him", obviously if he did something I agreed with, I would, agree with it.

    I'm an tradesperson and artist with 4 jobs, low income, ADHD and no academic degree, not very Similar to a highly articulate and very sharp lawyer, which is why I questioned your original statement.

  • Yes but do you wear a nice suit and drive and Audi?

  • i will never fail to be amazed by people within the labour party doing mental gymnastics to declare their own hitherto unelected leaders as 'unelectable'. evidence shows that any cunt can get elected these days.

  • drive and Audi?

    Does Starmer drive an Audi?

    tears up labour membership card

  • he's simply not experienced enough

    He's not about to be demolished by the swathe of canny, experienced political operators on the front bench tho, is he?

  • The article is trash as well.,its green belt but they have valued it as having planning permission for 70 houses, the 'up to' in the title is doing a lot of heavy lifting

  • Yep, this is gutter journalism as you'd expect. To be honest I'm more worried about Starmer being portrayed as some kind of nonce defender than as a land baron. Nadine Dorries, Lucy Allan and Maria Caulfield have already started sharing conspiracies to that effect.

  • I can't remember where I read this but I saw that over 100,000 people joined the Labour party in the run up to the leadership election and a couple of polls indicated that these new members were more likely to vote for Starmer than other candidates.

    Several people have mentioned in this thread that Starmer will struggle because the grassroots Corbyn supporters don't support him. I'm not so sure this will matter in the medium term. They are becoming less relevant by the day.

  • Well, four and a half now, or four if they go back to having the election in May, come to think of it.

    Give it four and a half and prorogue parliament for whatever reason and amount of time - the plebs bought it last time - jobs done. Who needs a vote anyway?

    Starmer - super rich Islington metro elite remainer with a £10m field, isn't he? Just stands outside clapping for the cameras only, then asks if they've got what they need yet, whilst being soft on crime.

    Least, thats what I've heard/read

  • He's not about to be demolished by the swathe of canny, experienced political operators on the front bench tho, is he?

    He doesn't have to be. They've got the papers to do that for them.

    Personally, I'd like him to do well, but I think he'll not stand up to the broadsides from the tabloids. Labour Right will probably start up against him at some point, if he moves away from their position. Who's left defending him? The Left? The ones being fucked off out of it by the day? Good luck.

    Afraid - but would like to be wrong - he's an Ed Mk.2

  • I bet he can eat a sandwich though.

  • His rep says he's well versed in it.

    Actually, I know more of who he reminds me of. Sven Goran Erikssons approach.

  • Corbyn is very competent on policy.

    I'm just wondering what this means exactly? Are you saying he's familiar with the technical side of how policy is made, that he's good at generating watertight policy (but not necessarilly policies that the majority agree with), that he's good at generating popular policies, or something else?

  • Also, isn't policy something developed by multiple MPs and civil servants in concert?

  • It took Corbyn’s Labour more than 3 years to take a stance on Brexit, my view is this and that he’s just too divisive, is what cost them the election(s). Pile in the antisemitism issue and you’ve got a perfect level of toxicity.

    I sadly think that political experience is not valued by today’s electorate. Sometimes it works out okay, sometimes it doesn’t.

    If Starmer can bring in the votes than I’ll very much doubt if anyone cares about his “inexperience”.

  • This is some good analysis of how effective Starmer is in using PMQs to his advantage;­63091207825211392?s=21

  • Yay a bloke in a suit

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  • Yeah, we get it, the tankies will never like Starmer.

  • Well I guess we'll find out how 'vote for us if you are not a Tory' works in... five years? Four?

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That Starmer fella...

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