That Starmer fella...

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  • I can't imagine him inciting feelings that strong in anyone.

  • I'm not angry, just disappointed.

  • Did anyone else see the Kunnsberg vox pop thing the other night? I was absolutely open mouthed the entire time

  • The entire thing was incredibly cringeworthy but I didn't think that Starmer came across too bad in it for the most part. Laura K absolutely despises Jeremy Corbyn, has he done something to offend her?

  • She's a rabid Tory shill.... erm..... and that's about it?

  • I thought this was a long-overdue move to ban these proscribed groups. Socialist Appeal are war crime denying Assad/Putin apologists who refer to the heroic White Helmets as 'jihadists', and Resist and Labour Against The Witch Hunt expose us to further legal action by dismissing antisemitism as a 'smear'. Labour in Exile are explicitly there to welcome people who have been removed from the Labour party, and so by definition should not be associated with it. Kooks, one and all, and all decent wings of the party - hard left, soft left, centrist and left of centre - should welcome their expulsion.­1/jul/20/labour-votes-to-ban-four-far-le­ft-factions-that-supported-corbyns-leade­rship

    Starmer's performance at the last few PMQs has been very good too. Whether that cuts through is debatable but he's definitely got the hang of it now.

  • Now self-isolating after one of kids kids tested +ve

    Following the PM's example, doesn't this now call for a jaunt into the countryside by helicopter?

  • Apathetic at best.

    Apathetic with a disappointed shake of the head at worst

  • So, reports of Labour having money woes and nigh skint? Donations dried up and members leaving, taking subs with them?

    I know I'm getting close to hitting cancel on the direct debit for membership, but can't be bothered right now.

  • Seems like he starting to go more on the attack:­1418907180590317570

  • I like this making a law of workers right's policy.

    The whole employment protection not kicking in until 2 years thing is pretty awful and is 100% being exploited by less than desirable companies.

  • Shame Labour don’t really follow what they say with action though - they just announced 90 staff to go, without consulting staff or the unions. As ever with Starmer, it just looks like warm words, but no intent.

    The two year thing is odd, always has been. I’ve known a number of people fall foul of it where they’ve been on three month rolling contracts, then found renewal not happening once the two year window approached.

  • some good starmer content recently:

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  • Which suspension is this talking about?

  • Which suspension is this talking about?

    It's from a typically inaccurate piece in Novara Media talking about Corbyn's suspension:­-what-really-happened-when-starmer-suspe­nded-corbyn/

    When a Corbyn loyalist mouthpiece like Novara puts out a piece, and even John McDonnell says it's nonsense, you know you're in dangerous territory. In any event, as anyone who has the remotest interest in Labour party politics knows, the leader of the party does not (should not!) have influence over who is a Labour member, but has full control over which of his MPs gets to represent the party within the PLP as a Labour MP. All these accusations of flip flopping over that suspension stem from a fundamental misunderstanding of the way power works in the Labour Party and - sadly for Novara, a fairly typical - deliberate muddying of the waters between the NEC's responsibility and the LOTO's.

  • I dreamed last night that I took over the Labour party (Kier was amicable about it) and installed a very tall man from the Liberal Democrats as my deputy.

    make of that what you will

  • I took over the Labour party (Kier was amicable about it)

    He obviously couldn't be critical during a time of crisis. Sensible politics.

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That Starmer fella...

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