FS: Ritchey Monocurve integrated handlebar

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  • Well if you are looking for it, you know how hard it is to find one, at the right dimensions

    Dimensions are 420m x 110m

    Very good condition

    280€ shipped from France


    My others sales


    Cannondale Parts

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  • 300€ shipped

  • 295€ shipped

  • 290€ shipped

  • But where are you shipping from?

  • @HarmanMogul how does this matter ? France

  • It matters because it may incur a customs declaration surcharge

  • I don't think that's a problem, it's just a matter of value declaration

  • It would certainly be a problem if customs checks decide to open it and reassess the value

  • Shouldn't be a problem to acquire this superb carbon piece

  • That's what Boris said for years. Now you need to pay £75 if you screw up the customs paperwork. I agree that it shouldn't be a problem, but then I also think Bojo shouldn't be in power... I suggest you do your research.

  • You seem to be missing the point.

    Not to mention the hugely optimistic asking price, the fact that there were countless fakes of these bars sold on various sites over the years and the age of these bars. 8 years old yeah?
    Integrated bar stem combo locks you in to those sizes, hardly appealing.

    But I'm sure with all that you'll get them sold with no problem at all... glws :)

  • Yeah, I'm probably selling a fake used 8 years old bar, thanks lol

  • I'm pointing out the fact that fakes were available. Any buyer would want to know that.
    It's not impossible for you to have inadvertently ended up with some.

    If you're expecting to get close to 300 euros for these, it's not unreasonable to question their provenance and be given a satisfactory answer.

    But you don't seem to be very forthcoming with details. lol.

  • Well, no one asked for details so far, sooooooo... why would I provide ? lol

    Product is here, available, if someone knows what he's looking for and want it, he will ask the right questions about it, otherwise I really don't care

  • dont bother arguing with this guy, he is only selling shop stock, avec la politesse parisienne c'est cadeau

  • I would be happy for you to share from where you get this "shop stock" info. It would be laughable.

    I don't forget good buyer btw ;) Remember engaging yourself on my sale and in the end be like "I buy it I do the transfer tonight, oh sorry I give no news, and I don't buy it, I just changed my mind and I don't care for blocking your sale"

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  • do i care about your opinion ? no. Nothing you are advertising on the forum ends up sold here.
    you are not contributing to the forum in any way apart from being rude and fakely outraged when people offer advice re: high prices.
    tu te feras plus d'amis a longchamp ou sur le bon coin

  • No one asked for your opinion, and you gave it. I do the same thing. Now just go get a life in another thread ;)
    c'est cadeau

  • the job is done, happy to leave you to it. et bonne chance

  • Franchement, prices like this are typical of the French second hand market. On here and London fixie fb pages we all have an idea of the resale value of an item and, since most of us know each other or friends of friends, we don't take the mick with prices. When I first saw the prices on Fixie Paris fb page I couldn't believe it, they're clearly trying to exploit folks new to the scene who have cash and don't mind paying through the teeth for stuff that isn't really worth half that much. ^^This seems to be doing the same (mec, tes prix sont vachement trop pour ici).

    It's awesome to have folks from anywhere and everywhere using the forum but it's hardly in the spirit to be charging such high prices. Sure, somebody might pay it and if they do, good for you. But also don't get all defensive and up tight when users ask reasonable questions or call you out. You can take your stuff elsewhere.

  • @gdkhgd : well, so far, I have provided an answer to all reasonable questions. Price is surely high, but everyone has always been free to make an offer :)

  • The price is high - probably most people here would say overpriced. But I think the issue is more that you came across as arrogant. Tone down your price and your attitude and I'm sure you'll do well :)

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FS: Ritchey Monocurve integrated handlebar

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