Roberts Audax f&f 58cm - 2005, £195

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  • Hi,

    I’m not going to get around to building this, so thought I’d see if there is any interest.
    Roberts Audax frame and fork, 1” headtube, ahead-fork. 2005 vintage based on the frame number. Has mudguard mounts and rear rack mounts. Stainless steel Roberts ‘CR’ badge.

    Painted in an almost rubberised light blue finish (could be powder coat?), soft to the touch and this has resisted corrosion well. But it has absorbed some staining from oily areas, around bottom bracket. Doesn't seem like a finish you can t-cut easily either, but may improve with some elbow grease. Everything unthreaded well.

    ‘Per Terran’ on the top tube is part of the Royal Marine motto as explained by the ex-Marine I bought this from.

    One point to note... just below the slit for the seat tube clamp there is a line in the paint. Initially I feared this might be a crack, but it’s not - rather a glitch in the finish coat, no sign of anything inside the tube. Oh... and there is some hardened seatpost grease rolling in the top tube, I can feel it through the breather hole to the top tube but haven’t been able to shake it out.

    So full disclosure I bought the whole bike for £275 from gumtree and found most of the drivetrain was very worn, I think the wheels went to the tip! Rest is in a box, some centaur 10-sp parts and I’d let anyone collecting the bike take a look through and agree bargain prices on top of f&f price as below, with the total not to exceed my original outlay, if that was of interest. I hope this isn’t against any rules.

    Asking £195 for Frame and Fork. Collection from Bournemouth with appropriate distancing. I would usually be happy to pack and post for £30 but I’m not 100% sure on getting a bike box at the moment.
    Measurements are : 58cm square c-c (so seat tube and top tube), seat tube is 61cm c-t.
    Long head tube at 19.8cm, due to an extended upper section. The top tube ‘centre’ intersects the headtube 15cm from the bottom.
    Ask for any more details.

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  • More photos

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  • Full build for reference

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  • Fillet brazed Roberts goodness!

    Looks lovely and amazing price.

  • I've a similar one in Max. Rides amazing.
    Someone should snap this up.

  • Too big for me or i'd be all over it

  • That is a bargain

  • Oh that's nice. Great pricing too.

  • I’m glad this is too big... very glad... also gutted...
    And dibs the fork that I know won’t be split...
    (Regarding the parts box - I’m collecting 10speed centaur if the frame buyer passes on it!)

  • Perfect size for me and I’d love to buy... but these are strange times for my work and purchasing a project would sadly be foolish I fear.

    Regretfully going to have to pass.


  • Dibs on this please I’ll pm you.

  • Have a few interested now incl. by PM and someone local is viewing tomorrow with deposit paid late last night to hold.
    Thanks everyone, will update if sold and work through ‘dibs’ list if not.

  • probably just as well as i didn't really need it! GLWS :)

  • I’d happily collect & store this for some one if they wanted it , I’m in Bournemouth

  • Thanks for the offer @MRI - I’ll let you know if that’s needed!

  • Which steel.....nice doer upper

  • Sold ... thanks for all the interest.

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Roberts Audax f&f 58cm - 2005, £195

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