Surly cross check parts bin

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  • Just won a cross check on eBay, old, a bit rough and just as I was looking for.

    Will be run parts bin, SS probably, flat bar, maybe probably rack and guards.

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  • Anyone got a spare fork? Colour matched is the dream!

  • Nice, was looking at that. What fork you gonna run on it?

    How much did he take, if you don't mind me asking?

  • £100 inc post!

    Ideally a cc fork, can get one trade if needs be

  • Me! Battleship grey.

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  • Yes! Price? Steerer?

  • Lovely job!

  • Slight change of plan, decided the shed needs a road bike, so same parts bin style but with gears, drops etc

  • Tange infinity cross fork for £18 on eBay

    Condor do it for a ton

  • Ta! Going with the surly ones posted above!

    Now looking for a used brooks swift - black, trp rrl brake levers - black non drilled, 700c 32h rims - Mavic 319?, 9 speed mechs / chainset - think I’ll
    Use down tube shifters because dirty cheap £25 rrp!

  • Got some cranks from a swap with a friend.

    Also got a sora gs mech from him.

    Still Bargaining about downtube shifters

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  • Worked out that some stuff will just be cheaper / less time consuming to buy new from work so picked up the following today;

    Mavic A319 rims
    Jtek hubs - dyno front
    Surly cable hanger rear
    Tektro cable hanger front
    Tektro brakes

    Awaiting the sunrace DT shifters to come back into stock

    Watching some brake levers ending soon

    About to order some 42mm Conti Sport Contacts from PX

    trying to find a bargain, plain black seat post - the BrandX one I favour is out of stock!
    Found a 30.0mm clamp for £3.99 on wiggle - I love the surly one but this needs to stay bargain although my wife did claim she had one more bike than me at dinner so im safe.

    Also hunting a used brooks swift

    Probably end up with surly truck stop bars, 48cm

    Stem; id like a gas pipe, unpainted, to give some more height at the front.

    front mech
    chain - sure I have a spare
    tubes - got spares in the shed
    lights - think I have a SON pair in the shed

  • will get the headset, brakes and a stem im not using on tonight, then start lacing the wheels!

  • Rear wheel laced up, time for a brew

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  • Progress

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  • Your definition of parts bin is kinda different to mine.

    Looking forward to seeing it finished. The blue fork goes nicely with the sliver

  • Ha!

    Well, the rrp of the rear wheel is about £85, so at trade that’s pretty budget.

  • Found a Soma seatclamp I sold on here months ago and had to refund because I then misplaced it... fits this so ill use it!

  • I meant more the actual buying of lots of things. My parts bin builds come from stuff I have in my parts bin.

    But I guess you have access to a rather large cheap parts bin.

  • Of course, my parts bin is most disc brake stuff! This is will be an outsider in our house.

    Buying stuff trade price is not my first choice, rather buy used, but money is a big factor sadly!

  • I like your approach of building to a budget and sticking to it. Anyone can throw money at a project. I ran a crosscheck for about 4 years and i could never make up my mind whether I hated or loved it! Hated it when pushing a 26lb bike up the hills, loved it when I took it on a towpath or off road when it zipped along and was so comfortable. I still can't decide. I look forward to your verdict when built up and fettled. Good look with the build.

  • Thanks!

    So while the ultegra cranks were ideal in many ways, the ratios were not suitable / would cause issues with 42mm + guards so I have opted for a cheapo square taper double.

    My wife’s given it the nod of okay, kiddo popped some bits on for me and it’s really close now!

    Used Brake levers in the post, used brooks in the post, downtube levers ordering tonight.

    Looking forward to riding it now!

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Surly cross check parts bin

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