• The shorteners are good, but they are definitely not for weight weenies.

    I would also definitely recommend straps for the rear.

    Our longest ride is maybe 25 miles or so, they complain about the saddle more than anything

  • That explains why there were straps on the rear on mine too. My wife wasn't too happy with them so I immediately binned them. Guess I will have to dive in now and retrieve them.

  • Came across these lovely Groovy Luv handle bars on a local forum a couple of days ago and immediately jumped on them. I had planned on using both for the tandem, but when I reached out to the seller one of them was already sold. I did purchase the remaining (steel) one, only to come to the conclusion that there is now way to fit it to the single bolt stem I had just purchased for the tandem. So change of plans, the bars are now on my fatbike.

  • I was planning on upgrading some bits on the red Bike Friday tandem and giving it a fresh coat of paint. Then this came up for sale. It was priced reasonably for what it is and seemed like a great way do the refurb, without loosing the ability to ride a tandem.

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    • Bikefriday.jpg
  • So what's the deal, you just change the top and bottom frame tubes and make it as long or as short as you like? Cool!

  • I don't know to be honest, but I guess that is how it works. Will see how it works when (and if) it turns up.

  • Picked up this amazing piece of engineering tonight. It's a Rotor RS4 crankset. Crazy heavy and does all sorts of crazy stuff. I will try and shoot a short film tomorrow to show how it works.

    Thinking of putting it on the Kestrel. I also have non aero chainrings to go with it, which will probably look better.

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    • 51B0B525-6A1A-483F-978D-33768160CA5F.jpeg
  • Some updates to the fat bike. Added some weight on the bars. Spared some on the pedals. Also added some comfort.

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    • EBC2F587-A299-4E92-B71B-B6EF36C98E03.jpeg
    • 5054C8F4-02C2-4236-B6B1-29B4D412E4E1.jpeg
    • 42F45AF2-4318-4969-BD71-53E271909E71.jpeg
    • 3F7E4E94-4DF0-4FC0-9D3C-8DC03F942869.jpeg
  • Frame bag in the making thanks to @Tijmen. He will also be doing a set of panniers if all goes well.

  • New wheel day. Purchased recently on Ebay for a steal at 150 euro. They seem to be in good condition. Fitting the tires with Effetto was super easy.

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    • 976361E7-4F31-4E89-9E27-CAC5AD02ADEF.jpeg
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My odd and unusual looking bikes thread (Softride, Kestrel, Moser Leader AX, Fatbike etc.)

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