• The Kestrel was red when I got it. I think all Kestrel frames came with a painted to match fork. Pretty sure though that the ones that were sold separately were all clear coated.

    Unfortunately the Elite Shape wheel is 700c and takes Softride 650c.

  • I forgot to mention I picked up this. It's a 2003 Koga Full Pro Mono. I had this frame before. It was actually one of my first (road) bikes. I had it painted in the color scheme of Leontien van Moorsel's bike.

    When I bought the frame it was built up. The whole bike looked as good as new and it wasn't very expensive, so I didn't bother to inspect it thoroughly. I probably should have done so, because there is a (chain suck?) damage on the bottom of the frame...

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  • Taped the bars. Had to stretch the tape quite a bit to make it all the way. Really happy with the result.

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  • A bike store nearby had these up for sale for next to nothing. As usual I couldn't resist.

    This might turn into one of those builds that starts with a single component.

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  • Most silly bike purchase ever

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  • This looks fun! Any plans of putting some ridiculous wheels on it?

  • Haha whoa, that looks like it will have or nearly have pedal strike while riding along fully upright?

    Do not lean and pedal ever.

  • Plan is to keep it as it is, for a change. Pretty sure I will fail at that though. So who knows ;)

  • Pick up only unfortunately and 5 hours drive away.

  • If you are keen on it I can pick it up and ship it to you no problem. Just send me a DM ;)

  • Thanks for the offer! But to be honest I have to many things on my mind right now, bike builds among others, to take on another project.

    I still haven't finished the tandem build. Also, I am hoping (trying) to buy this. And finally I am thinking of buying a bamboo frame for these guys.

  • Puzzle time. If done correctly, this should turn into a bike (or so the seller said).

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  • tandem bmx?

  • I’m guessing tandem unicycle.

  • Close enough. It is a Bike Friday tandem.

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  • I don't think I have ever shared the Kestrel all finished up. Might be one of my all time favorites.

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  • Looks sharp! Love the tandem as well, what's the story behind it?

  • Thanks.

    Assuming you are referring to the Bike Friday one, as I have two (which is one to much). The idea behind it is you can adapt it to pretty much any rider, so that I can ride with either my wife or my daughter as a stoker. Also, the frame comes apart, so you can pack it up really small.

  • Absolutely incredible!

  • Lovely tandem (the new one). I've got a microtandem which will take all three kids, and my girlfriend, at a push

  • I actually fitted a bracket for a Thule Ride Along rear seat and an axle hanger for a Thule Chariot since posting the picture above, so mine does 2 kids now. 3 sounds awesome!

  • Three would be a nightmare! Sorry, I wasn't terribly clear, the tandem will fit all three, but not at the same time.

    Divide and conquer, that's the best strategy with my kids....

    I do enjoy all your new bikes, keep up the good work

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  • Very cool looking thing! I am considering buying a crank shortener for my tandem. You aren't using one right? How does that work out for your little one?

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My odd and unusual looking bikes thread (Softride, Kestrel, Moser Leader AX, Fatbike etc.)

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