• In case you’re not already use the effetto tape. You’ll thank me later when you want to remove the tubs and it easily leaves the rim bed clean

  • sounds banger ! mavic 3g have quite a unique shape, I think they will be recognized even without decals :) also a big fan of tubbie tape as the oldschool way takes way longer + dirty hands

  • I was planning on using that. Read some great reviews on it.

    In the past I used Tufo tape once and I did a set of wheels using Vittoria Mastik. Although the Mastik procedure was time consuming, I really enjoyed learning by doing this. The Tufo procedure on the other hand was super easy and fast.

    On thing I did wonder about is what to do with the spare tire. Do you glue this? Or do you bring a role of tape along with the tubular?

  • Destickered 3G's look great, but I think the decals add to the retro vibe I have got going with my bikes lately. Not my bikes (unfortunately), but this shows what I mean.

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  • you're right. that's a banger.

  • We got snow here in The Netherlands on Sunday. Lots of it. So I got up early for a winter scenery ride.

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  • beautiful shots! the fat tyres seem to be an excellent choice

  • Awesome! Which part of the country are you located in, if I'm not too indiscreet?

  • Took the morning off from and got on my bike early. I managed to find some amazing stretches of road and dirt I hadn't riden before. Probably because you aren't allowed there with a bike...

  • Took the morning off from and got on my bike early. I managed to find some amazing stretches of road and dirt I hadn't riden before. Probably because you aren't allowed there with a bike...

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  • No problem. I live in Gouda.

  • Brilliant photos. That bike looks at home in the snow.

  • Awesome, we're kinda neighbours then. :) Excellent scenery, lovely shots!

  • I would love to own one of these. To own one of these again to be more precise. A couple of years back I was able to acquire one close to home. Unfortunately it didn't have the right size beam and was missing one or two proprietary bolts and nuts, so I ended up selling it again.

  • Insane. That's seriously good.

  • Did some serious ice skating on Saturday. Managed to do 80km. Riding in the snow was fun, but this was just superb. If only there wasn't climate change. Than I could probably have don this every year.

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  • I've always thought ice-skating could be fun on a rink but would be amazing outdoor on a canal/river network. I know this used to be common in the lowlands - is this where you are? Very jealous, looks amazing!

    Reminds me of the Frost Fairs on the Thames....

  • This has been sitting on my attic for the last 3 month waiting for spring to come and today it came! Last week temperatures went down to as low as minus 15 degrees Celsius. Today was the exact opposite (the minus now being above).

    I had hoped to finally ride it, but I couldn't find the angled thingy that is required to inflate the rear tire. As you can see I fitted a Nitto bullhorn bar to the ITM dual stem, to mimic the tuck position. It didn't really worked out as I had hoped though. The bars need to be even more narrow to be able to support the weight of your upper body. Also, I think the bars might need to be exactly on top of the steerer tube.

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  • Some additional shots of the bike.

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  • I am from the Netherlands. Not sure if that is what you mean by lowlands?

    We had something similar to the Frost Fairs in The Netherlands.

  • Yes - I should probably have said the low countries!

    Very similar indeed.

  • Behold my most recent purchase: a Surly Big Dummy. This was on my wish list for quite some time, as it seemed like the ideal companion for hauling kids, groceries, etc. This particular one had all the extra bits and pieces I wanted, so I couldn't resist buying it. Even though it is located in the UK... and I in The Netherlands. Luckily the seller agreed to store it until Covid-19 blows over and we can travel again. Let's hope that ever happens.

    As this wasn't exactly cheap, I have put the Moser up for sale. It will also help to clear out some much needed space in the shed.

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  • Who gave you permission to sell the Moser?!

    I guess you'll be needing the extra cash to fund all those chains for the Surly.

  • Kestral and Max tandem are amazing. The fork on the Kestral, was it red when you got it or did you have it painted red to match the frame? I have some of those EMS forks on my ti Merckx but never liked the carbon look and wondered if they did a range of coloured ones?

    Also I couldn't see from a quick skim of the thread, have you done a pic of the softride with those crazy 5 spoked gold (Russian?) wheels? I think that would be possibly one of the most HHSB's ever. I hope you have some gold Speedo's to complete the ensemble :)

    Ah bugger just looked again the super cool Russian wheels are for track/fixed, so no go on the softride, shame sure would look amazing, especially with the gold tape you have on it.

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My odd and unusual looking bikes thread (Softride, Kestrel, Moser Leader AX, Fatbike etc.)

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