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  • I've probably got an 851 rear mech, an 862 front mech and a pair of 631 cranks if you'd like them.

    Thanks very much for the offer! Just chatting with Matt at the moment about the mechs, I'd definitely be interested in the cranks and levers though. Will drop you a PM :)

  • Aaah, I thought the story in your o/p looked familiar. I must have read it on Retrobike when you first posted about it.

  • Aaah, I thought the story in your o/p looked familiar. I must have read it on Retrobike when you first posted about it.

    Yeah that'll be me! Went back on there after posting this, can't believe that was 5 years ago.

    Massive thanks to everyone who's taken an interested and kept an eye out / offered parts for this - build's shaping up way faster than I'd ever expected it to!

  • More pics please?

  • Any progress with this?

  • There actually is!

    Has been a huge amount going on here including a move out of London, so bikes have been firmly on the back burner while everything else gets sorted. The Basso's been sat in the shed for the best part of 6 months with a bust shifter (that's a story for another day, and a reminder to get something simpler as a runabout!) so not even had a daily.

    Anyway, have started putting the Lotus back together. Still a fair way to go, but some parts have been coming through slowly as and when they're affordable enough. All the 600 kit is off (and destined to fix the aforementioned broken bike), and started the switch to Mavic. 631 cranks, 451 calipers, 862 front derailleur... Got bullhorns & extensions to go on when I've next got time, mainly now searching for an 840 rear derailleur, some 646 pedals and a proper BB.

    After that, it's time for a good service, tyres, tape and put some miles on it over summer as well as hitting some of the UCI Bandit events at Goodwood.

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  • that is looking fantastic!

  • This is so cool, espesh the 3G rear

  • This is stunning!

  • Cheers all, can't wait to get it back together properly. 3G's done great service, think that was my dad's main commuting wheel for most of the 90s/ 2000s. Remember him getting dropped home more than a few times after blowing the tub somewhere along the A127.

    Found this picture last night while researching parts (I'm not always this much of a square I promise) - Pascal leading Boardman in some unknown event somewhere. Great view of its old components, no doubt ridden at speeds I'll never touch.

    One day I might have the Comete / 3G set up with that mental graphic on the back though...

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  • Wow - this really is incredible. Props to your dad for being the raddest commuter of all time.

    Looking forward to more!

  • Isn't that Laurent Bezault leading Boardman in the Duo Normand? Used to attract all the TT hitters for an end-of-season showdown and amateurs could enter too. Still going now.

  • PS rad 110!

  • Oh wow this is good!!!

  • You wouldn't believe the rabbit hole that sent me down! Great knowledge though, thanks for the heads up - turns out they are very similar looking dudes. Going on the LuK race numbers & pairing, that's Lance & Boardman at the '94 LuK Challenge Chrono where they finished 3rd. Boardman and Bezault raced (and won) the '93 Duo Normand but Gan weren't running 110s til '94.

    Thanks for the new hobby of archive diving haha - if anyone else needs more obscure trivia specific to a handful of riders hit me up.

  • Excellent work! I did wonder if the 110s were available by the end of '93

    Can you find out who came probably 180th in the 1999 Duo Normand?*

    *It was 15 year old me. Not sure where we came exactly but I had a Saturday job in a bike shop and one of the regulars asked me if I fancied it. I hate TTs but 2ups aren't so bad and I didn't want to pass up the chance of racing against legit pros on closed French roads with a following car!

  • One day I might have the Comete / 3G set up with that mental graphic on the back though...

    YES do this.

    Interesting differences in setup between Pascal and Boardman. Boardman waaaay lower at the front; he has his tri bars under the base bar where Pascal has his ones above it. You can see Pascal's gear levers sticking up, but it's hard to see where Boardman's ones are, unless he's got them gripped in between thumb and forefinger. Presumably he would have done some wind tunnel time for the Olympics and picked up certain aero tricks that he used on his own setups?

  • Did Boardman not have Zap/Mektronic gearing? The shifters would have been little buttons on the skis. His famous attention to detail was the original Marginal Gains and he looked so good on a TT bike!

  • Boardman had Zap on the lotus most (if not all) of the time. It also looks like only one chainring vs two so no need for the extra shifter.

  • Did Boardman not have Zap/Mektronic gearing? The shifters would have been little buttons on the skis.

    Ah, that makes sense.

  • Dead right on the above re; Zap, I've never seen a photo of him riding anything other than 1x gearing on the 110. That's a statement of intent if ever there was one. I'll be going full Pascal with this as I am definitely not as much of a man as Boardman, though I do have a 58T ring for these cranks (!)

    Anyway, typically long overdue update. Got all I need to make it work now which is great, although I've ended up with a mid-length derailleur rather than the short cage I really need. May have to commit an atrocity against TT bikes and use it while I wait for a standard 840 (or better still a short cage to swap onto this one) to turn up, but there's no events on the horizon just yet so maybe I'll just leave that til last... Also got the Mavic bullhorns & extensions to go on, so looking forward to a weekend of bike fettling.

    The pedal conundrum's gonna be a good one. Picked up two sets of these Time Equipe Magnesiums as they were the team-issued part, then realised how hard it is to find shoes to match. Fortunately the Mavic ones got thrown into a deal this weekend so at least I've got a standard Look-compatible version to tide it over.

    A more exciting update to follow this weekend, I hope.

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  • Speaking of bar positions, this was posted by the 110 Club over the weekend - some epic historical photo digging goes on back there!

    Mental set of bars made from all sorts of chopped and welded metal to put your back out for gains -

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  • That is spectacularly low!

  • I've been looking forward to this weekend a lot, so much so I even bought a bike stand after 15 years of doing it as awkwardly and uncomfortably as possible. Did I bring it with me today? Did I fuck.

    Still, the grass holds the bike up fine so I set to the first job of the day. Shimano BB's done great service but I've heard bad things about overtightened 631 cranks on slightly-wrong-pitch axles, so decided to see whether the BB shell would stay bonded into the frame while removing it... A bit of wincing later and it's all still in the right place. Interesting to see the machined inset chamfer here as the retail frames apparently just had standard British-threaded shells in them, one for the nerds there. Also gave me a chance to admire the chain rash the stay has enjoyed over the years - doesn't seem structural but it's definitely not one to look at too closely... Can see why these Mavic BBs are touted as having eternal life too, compared to the Shimano they are thicc.

    Next up, bars. I love the ITMs - they're rad-looking and feel so nice but for those 1994 team-issue dreams I'm switching to a Mavic set up. Also, as you can see from the underside, my dad took no prisoners with them - check the crack. Gear cables should go again with a bit of lube, then it's just to re-run the brakes. Already made the mistake of pulling the rear inner through the frame so can't wait to sit there with a hoover and some thread to rectify that.

    While I was faffing with the little things, a moment of massive satisfaction came from putting the mech on. One bolt and literally nothing achieved but it always feels like a big step forward when the visible bits of a groupset are coming together... In my box of bits above, I was given an 841 which is the mid-cage BB for triple cranks. This week, I bit the bullet and bought a NOS 840 with the short cage from a very nice bloke on Retrobike. Cool things these.

    Unfortunately, one of the lockrings on the BB is a little stiff and, without the right tools (yet) I couldn't beast it without a guarantee of mashing something, so it's sat crank-less for now while that soaks in penetrant.

    Popped the bars on just as it started raining, and that's where I had to call it a morning! Feeling super motivated for the rest of the weekend though - just look at it! Needs to do at least a lap of the block by Monday.

    A little unsure on stem choice, I've used a Mavic 365 from the Zap era here which looks real smart - it had a Cinelli XA back in the day but I might keep this one. Do have an XA also, but it's a 130 and I'm not sure how much of a toboggan I want this to be - one to keep an eye on eBay for no doubt.

    So there we are - not huge progress but stoked for another go tomorrow when the weather picks up. For now, barbecue & beers.

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Lotus 110

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