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  • Hey all,

    Been lurking on here for a while, thought I'd best introduce myself properly. Can't see anywhere for introductions so this seemed the best spot! I'm Matt, 27, born & raised by the sea in Southend but currently living in Finsbury Park. Mild addiction to things with wheels. Spent many years playing with singlespeeds, BMXs, street bikes, yet to indulge in anything fixed but it's on the to-do list! I've been charging around London on my old Raleigh Competition for the past couple of years, still love that thing but my neck doesn't anymore so currently on the lookout for a frame that actually fits me...

    The one everyone gets excited about, however, is the next 'big' project. Not big in terms of effort or workmanship (though extending the seat post is gonna take some thought), just in terms of my shallow pockets and the parts I'm after. Getting there slowly, it's definitely top of my to-do list for the post-Corona world.

    1994 Lotus 110, ex-GAN frame used by Pascal Lance in their 94 / 95 seasons (including that big old ride through France) before being bought by my dad in '96 or '97 when the frames were sent back to Lotus, where my aunt was working at the time. He built it up with whatever was affordable and commuted on it for 7 years, before the company moved and he had to drive instead. Was pretty handy for drafting vans down the A127 in Southend or sending through the woods on dry days. Spent its not-so-retirement kitted out with Shimano 600 groupset, ITM try bars, a Gipiemme Techno up front and then either a Mavic 3g or Sugino tension disc on the back depending on the weather.

    I inherited it the best part of 10 yrs ago now and haven't really given it the love it deserves. How it's survived is beyond me given how many seem to split themselves in half, will very much be a high days and holidays bike but I love riding it and really want to get some more time on it in future. Phenomenally fast bike and, obviously, cool as.

    Recently picked up a Mavic Cosmic Carbone for the front, as well as some Mavic 355 bullhorns and 357 extensions. Next on the list is a very gradual move through the rest of groupset to change over from Shimano 600 to Mavic stuff as and when I can afford to, but by main goal now is just to extend the seat post, fresh tyres and lose the horrifically 90s mishmash of green and purple from it. Love my old man to bits but he didn't have an eye for colour! It's beat up, it's not perfect but it tells such a good story and all the wear and tear is only ever gonna be added to.

    Anyway, bunch of pics of how it was, and one of where it's at now ripped from an old insta story (apologies). Hope to update this soon!


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  • Sweet Jesus...

  • perfect commute weapon

  • fkin ell
    how you going to extend that post?
    there's some engineer with mad carbon props on here who can chime in I'm sure

  • there's some engineer with mad carbon props on here who can chime in I'm sure

    @jdmitch, they're asking for you.

  • Strong introduction is strong

  • Sticking around for this one.

  • Awesome, can’t wait to see the results!

  • spinergy?

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  • Surprisingly I actually have a carbon aero seat post going spare...obviously wouldn't fit that frame, but don't let that stop you!

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  • Great story and even greater bike. Looking forward to see it being restored to original spec. @Jonny69 knows his carbon, might be worth asking him for an opinion.

  • Wow, just wow. Such an amazing machine and story. Will keep an eye on this one.

  • This is incredible, can't wait to see it progress.

    Maybe it's just the Lotus connection but some of the bikes on here lately really make me wish we had a dorky classic car style meet up where people could look at these bikes in person.

  • Fantastic to see this bike ......

  • Damn! Sub’d to this... do you know what Mavic kit you’re after? I’ve got some SSC cranks and mechs but suspect they’re just older than would be correct for this...

  • Sorry for the shit angle my mate is terrible at taking pictures

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  • Woah wasn’t expecting to see one of these!

    As @Sig_Arlecchino mentioned, I know a bit about carbon manufacturing and might be able to lend some ideas about the seatpost. Probably be one of those things that won’t be easy or particularly cheap but it ought to be possible!

  • Amazing bike you have there. Love the frame and love the parts. Apart from maybe the Gipiemme front wheel. Even like colors going on.

    The ITM Dual pursuit bars are one of my favourite tt handelbars. Not sure if fitting Mavic bars instead will look any better. But I suppose they will look nice when combined with Mavic wheels.

    The Sugino (Tioga?) wheel is really cool. I considered buying one a couple years ago, but if I am not mistaken they weren't sold with a freehub right? Let me know if you plan to sell it, might look nice on my Softride.

  • They used to build these round the corner from where I grew up, in a small industrial estate opposite Bookham Station. I think the company was called Formula One, they made splitters, spoilers etc for F1 racing cars. In my early teens I cycled over and knocked on the door and they kindly gave me a tour of the workshop. Csb and very cool bike.

  • Well this has certainly given me a lot to reply to haha! Glad to have brightened up a Monday evening.

    @jono84 I've been afflicted by old cars my whole life too, do quite enjoy a good meet... Would definitely be keen to do the bicycle equivalent sometime - slightly more acceptable to do it at the pub, too (whenever they open again).

    @mattyc I've got a vague idea! Anything very late 80s / early 90s would do me well with it. There's a lot I'd love to put on and also a lot I know I can't afford (like a full Zap set up, or even an 851SSC rear mech for that matter). Set of the starfish / 631/632 cranks would be ideal, then 451 brakes, I'd be really happy with an 840 derailleur on the back and whatever part no the front is for a double. If you've got any of that kicking about I'd be really keen to give it a home!

    @SWijland - totally agree not he ITM Duals, they're wicked (and feel great) but they've got a filthy crack through the bottom of the stem. Again, how they broke before the frame or forks I've absolutely no idea! The bullhorns seem pretty sweet, got them for a deal so worth a shot given the direction it's going in. Got a photo attached of it in use which has basically become my point of reference for what to do with it. Interestingly (or just straight-up nerdily) interesting to see him running dual rings on the front when Boardman always seemed to have a single. Ok, I'll get my anorak...

    @Jonny69 cheers, will certainly keep you in mind! I know a guy who worked for Aerodyne building these later frames, he's at Target Composites now so might end up getting sent there. I've drawn up my loose idea but definitely need to speak to a grown-up about it. Essentially build it a faired post to sit inside the monocoque like a plug, then move the seat up that way. Might be a terrible idea but we'll see, no rush yet.

    @sacredhart that's an ace story! Don't ask, don't get. Seen a few bits of the process of making these, they're pretty mad being stuck together in 3 pieces. Also had a chat with Richard Hill (one of the design team / Lotus aerodynamicist bod) about it at a Lotus meet a few years ago, he was still adamant they'd not change much about the design, just make it more efficiently with modern processes.

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  • how you going to extend that post?

    Might be easier to make an extended topper instead. And would avoid any allegations of puppy killing on a frame like that.

  • Agree with @danstuff more safer a bit like a trek topper system .

  • This is outrageous, the raddest commute bike in history?

  • Mavic 451 brakes https://www.lfgss.com/comments/15276831/­ for sale in the classifieds

  • I've probably got an 851 rear mech, an 862 front mech and a pair of 631 cranks if you'd like them. Maybe a bottom bracket. Also maybe some brake levers.
    @mattyc definitely got here first though, if there's anything he can't sort you out with, pm me.

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Lotus 110

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