Putting breaks onto a fixie

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  • Hey everyone. Just bought a carbon frame Planet X bike through ebay but it's completely break-less, just wondered on any advise as to fitting breaks/pedals, the pros and cons of break-less vs breaks and if the front fork doesn't have a circular cutout for breaks how you'd go about fitting them... and what type etc.

  • Have you tried throwing it down the stairs?

    You need a front brake to be road legal. If the forks aren't drilled you'll need to change them to fit one

  • Don't break your bike, get brakes.

    Don't break the law, get brakes.

    Don't break yourself, get brakes.

    Don't break your balls, get brakes.

    Don't be breaking bad, get brakes.

    Don't let all hell break loose, get brakes.

  • Which newspaper do you work for?

    We all love a good fishing expedition here.

    There is only two places you can ride a brakeless bike:

    • velodrome
    • rollers at home
  • You need (minimum) two brakes to ride on the road. If you plan on building the bike as a fixed-gear then the drivetrain can serve as a rear brake.
    For the front brake, sounds like you have track-specific forks with no drilling to fit a brake.. you can get adapters to use a brake if needed but possibly easier/cheaper to buy some forks which are pre-drilled for a brake.

  • Thanks for the feedback guys. Here's an image of the bike, to make things "easier"

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  • Ah, why didn't you mention that it is baby blue in colour?

    Special rules apply here. Search the forum to find out more.

  • https://www.wiggle.co.uk/trp-rl956-top-m­ount-brake-lever/



    You might need to source some carbon specific brake pads, idk. You should contact the wheel maker and check the rim supports brakes.

    I would be very suprised if there wasn't a brake hole under the paint of the front fork that you can just poke out. There are adapters people use to attach brakes to NJS bikes but they look shit, are a pain to swap on and off and I doubt they would fit that shape of fork.

    If not, new fork time, which would just be stupid.

    You can increase the chain length and add a street gear (18/19) and learn to ride it without brakes.

    For a hassle-free life you should have bought a hybrid with Marathon Plus tires.

    £1 please.

  • Judging by your first post I would also strongly advise having any work done by a trained mechanic.

  • Thanks Ma3k, can you or anyone identify the exact model so I can start researching this?

  • Get a helmet, and not too big gear, you'll be fine ;)
    Decade riding brakeless, just fitted one recently though: getting too old!

  • From memory the planet x pro carbon track fork is drilled for a brake and you will be able to open up the drilling which is hidden by the paint, as mask said.

  • Wears a helmet but doesn’t use brakes...

  • Never wore one myself!

  • Ah great! That would be amazing if so.. I'm in Brighton and it can be so busy around here not sure I trust myself without a break :O Do you know which year this bike is from?

  • No - I don't think the design has changed much in ~ 10 years.

  • Take some close-ups of the fork front and rear where the brake would be fitted and post them and I think someone might be able to tell you whether you can just poke through the paint.

    Also, that looks like track gearing, so you will want to get a bigger rear sprocket or a smaller chainring.

  • Will do.. the seller took me these:

  • 🤘

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  • Hmm - not definitive.

    Worst case scenario you can buy a drilled fork like this quite cheap


  • Or if you haven't bought the bike yet, consider something else

  • True, thanks for the help man. Yeah that's what I was thinking - ebay link. I've already bought it.. but I guess included in the 'worst case scenario' if I'm downgrading forks and manage to get a good price for the existing one could make a bit of cash back :P

  • I had a quick look and actually these forks were not drilled for brakes. You can't drill it (carbon fork), so I think you are looking at a second hard fork. These frames actually look better with Alpina forks than planet x forks, atmo, and they will be more readily available new or second hand.

  • Yeah I was fearing that, from the photos doesn't even look like there's anything hidden. Bit of a shame but not the end of the world eh

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Putting breaks onto a fixie

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