• Probably a terrible time to be selling a bike frame but it hasn’t been used in a couple months now and I’m happy riding my home made frame for a while until I build or buy something else.
    2008 Cannondale Supersix
    Handmade in the USA
    Frame, forks, headset, Rotor BB30 bearings, Campagnolo 35mm front mech clamp (not pictured)

    The bad points:
    Small cracks in the rear brake mount. This was advertised on the frame when I bought it on here last year. Previous owner said it had been there for the time he owned it and it hadn’t gotten any worse or had any effect and true enough it hasn’t had any effect or worsened whilst I’ve used it. Maybe it’s just in the paint, I don’t know.
    It rubbed slightly with 25c tyres under the fork so ideally to be used with 23s. There are rub marks through the paint on one side chainstay and under the fork.
    Marks in the paint from the front mech clamp.
    The BB cable guide screw spins and doesn’t tighten or come out but the cable guide is firmly in place, doesn’t come off and works perfectly.

    The fork is short. It’s cut perfect height for an average stem but no spacers above or below. Slamdatstem only

    Takes a 31.6mm seatpost.

    Overall it’s a brilliant frame for its time, rides incredibly fast, climbs well and is plenty comfortable enough to do a few 200km rides which I’ve done happily.

    Would like to see £250 £220 for it collected SW15

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  • (The work stand isn’t clamped on the top tube, it’s just balancing)

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  • Here’s it built up. It was about 7.1kg with Sram Red22 and not particularly light 1600g+ wheels

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  • Love this colourway. GLWS!

  • Get ready for your unlimited exercise
    Little drop

  • So good!

  • Previous owner's baller build

    And another nudge to £240

  • Love the look glws

  • £235 for a handmade in the US carbon Super Six!

  • Madness!

  • So oh so happy it's 56. Good luck with sale!

  • someone buy this, such a steal

  • Moving to eBay, closing the thread

  • Well eBay was a laugh. Had an offer of £100 from someone who wanted a bike to live on the turbo, another of £150 and a lot of watchers but no bites.

    £230 takes it on here.

  • Damn man this still hasn’t sold??????? Obscene frame this deserves to be built up and ridden!! Someone buy this

  • I'll throw in a slighty beater Tune seatpost for no extra penny

  • Awesome bike and price, if only it was a 58

  • £225...

  • Still here. How low will it go?!


  • I'd actually ship it at cost since I now have a box

  • Why dont you donate to the next phildas?

  • The PhiDAS lineage will die with me. There is no next

  • Come on, don’t make me do this


  • The PhiDAS lineage will die with me

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  • Anyone has a 52 for swaps?

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FS: Cannondale Supersix 56cm Frameset - Liquigas - Made in the USA

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