Campagnolo compatibility

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  • This groupset could sort my MGOOF project, but I'm not sure the components will play nice with each other.

    Will this front/rear mech work with these shifters?

    I'm reasonably sure they're they newer Centaur 10s shifters:

  • I'm pretty sure that's all 10 speed. I got the same shifters, those definitely are

  • i reckon that's a good shout for your mgoof.

    ...can't believe that's become an acronym!

  • Two unknowns at the minute:

    1) Do these shifters definitely allow you to use the thumb to shift 4-5 gears higher (faster) in one motion?

    2) Will the shifters work with the rear mechs? I am not so sure because of this chart:

  • The answer to question 1 is no. But Ive never found that to be an issue. You can flick that button pretty rapid with your thumb.

  • I got to the bottom of the question in the end, or at least I think so. Basically all 10 speed pull distances are the same, but the Power Shift components use lower shifting force than Ultra Shift because of the different springs. So a Power Shift with plastic components is perhaps not technically designed to deal with the higher forces used in Ultra Shift. But it should still work.

    That's m understanding though I might have it wrong. Lots of info here:­p?f=5&t=91451&sid=c00efc91a8677a5a8af533­1011bdda9f&start=15

  • Now that mystery is sorted, but of course I missed the auction. Anyone got a 10 or 11 speed Campagnolo groupset to sell me??

  • This seems like the right thread for my question:

    Will new Potenza 11 shifters work with Athena 11 derailleurs?

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Campagnolo compatibility

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