• These guys make some very nice looking hubs and will do custom colours for you

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  • Ohh I had not heard of these but they look great. $50 extra for custom anodising according to their Instagram. Might have to.

  • Very excited for a first proper ride on this at the weekend. Had a quick spin round the block to bed in the brakes and it felt lovely. Rear brake needs re-bleeding though as there's a bit more lever travel than the front.

    It's my first time working on hydraulic brakes - any tips beyond being patient and following Shimano's instructions? I think the way the hose runs through the BB (it's a very tight fit) might make it hard to get all the air out. Would tilting the bike 'bars up' more for the whole process help?

    PDW mudguards, silver seat clamp and Arundel stainless bottle cages ordered too to finish it off.

  • First proper ride today. Leaving the mudguards off until it starts raining again. Love the bike so far!

  • Also made a saddle bag with straps matching the frame.

  • New bar bag for the Pfadfinder.

  • Cheers. Put the PDW guards on and spent about 5 hours out in the rain on it over the weekend. Loved every second.

  • Honestly dead nice - I really like everything about this set up - how are you finding the frameset and its handy clearance so far?

    Also those bags look well nice! Who makes them?

  • Yeah it's fantastic so far. It's heavier than my old carbon bike but I haven't felt it so far. Feels stiff enough too and rolls beautifully. Main thing is that it fits perfectly. I'm not really pushing the clearance at the moment with 700*30c tyres and guards. I'm going to build some 650b wheels for some gravel next spring and summer. Frame should take up to about 650b*45 and fork a little bigger.

    Can't tell if you have read the thread and this is a compliment or are actually asking ;). I made all the ones on here.

  • I have seen this bike in flesh and its a beauty

  • Lovely build that! Had seen it over on Instagram somehow without realising that it was another forum Standert.

    Have been considering a set of 650b for mine but wondered whether this would effect the bb drop much as I’ve specced 175 cranks and already had a bit of pedal strike on 700x35’s

  • this is fucking brilliant

  • Yeah I have seen yours on there too! You have been putting yours through its paces a bit more thoroughly than I have by the looks of it.

    I'm thinking the same - going to build some wheels over Christmas. I'm finding 700*30c fine but I'm only riding on the road. Will probably go with Gravelking SKs in 650b*43 as I'm not sure if much bigger will fit in the back. That should only put me a couple of mm lower.

  • Thanks @fredtc and @chokalateboywonder (lovely to meet you btw!).

  • Absolutely banging bike this. Any idea on the weight?

  • My plan was sort of winter road bike & summer gravel but I’ve been enjoying the mud too much to swap over to road tyres so far. Definitely need a second wheelset but not many come up with an XDR hub. Hoping you get the 650b’s first so I can hear a review!

  • Ha thanks I agree. Think it's 9.4kg with pedals, cages and GPS but without the mudguards. So not light, but neither am I. That's with winter tyres and basic tubes. Reckon it will be down around 9kg in summer mode.

  • 9kg is respecible.

    I've just turned my good old croix de fer 1x10 drop bar as my winter bike and its sitting under 12kg, guards n all. Its embarrassingly heavy.

  • New project time! Picked up a Dawes Galaxy for commuting when/if the office opens again. For now it will be on the turbo I was kindly gifted by a clubmate. Colour sort of matches my Standert too.

  • The Standert is still brilliant too. It's got me wanting to ride outside in the winter, which is exactly why I built it. I do still hate the cold and can't wait for spring, but the bike makes me smile.

    Here it is about 130km into my dawn to dusk solstice ride.

  • That's great, that

  • Pretty perfect, nice to see you didnt go Etap either!

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LeBlaireau's Bootzipper and bags - now with added Standert Pfadfinder

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