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  • After 6 years and about 10 iterations I'm retiring (probably selling) my trusty Cotic Escapade. I have been running it as an "RGR" commuter for a while but it's still a bit close to my gravel bike. So, I snapped up a Bootzipper 29er frameset from Planet X during one of the low points in its wild price fluctuations, to use for a bit of everything and expand what I can ride a bit.

    Now, I thought some people might be interested in the bike as I see a bit of chat about it in various threads. Does seem to be a great value bikepacking option, but I'll let you know how I get on.

    The other half of this project is sewing bags to hang on the bike. I have a big pile of fabrics, some doodles and a rudimentary understanding of sewing that will hopefully become a frame bag, bar bag and some other bits.

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  • I think I actually have all the parts collected for this already and have stuck a headset on it, so hopefully will put it together this weekend. First job is to build the wheels - Kinlin TL-29 on XT 12 speed hubs. Groupset is 12 speed SLX, apart from brakes which are cheapo Clarks ones I have lying around to use until I find something better.

  • Images are private/not showing up?

  • Hey, if your Escapade is size Large I’d like to dibs/buy it. Thanks and happy sewing!

  • Thanks. Fixed now. They weren't particularly interesting anyway.

  • Hey. Cool, thanks. It's the mk2 version I think with the horizontal dropouts. I'm going to decide this weekend whether to sell it or not. It's the first bike I ever built up myself so I am quite attached to it. You will be first in the queue.

    Not sure I have ever posted it on here. Couple of pics of it:

  • I built this last year, and probably don't really need two gravel bikes...

    I also had this GT until fairly recently, and really liked the big tyres and relaxed setup, hence this project.

  • Wheels done. Kinlin TL-29s were super easy to work with, thanks @cycleclinic. Time to get this thing built.

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    • IMG_20200509_140718.jpg
  • Got this 99.5% built at the weekend but was missing a 160-180mm adapter for the front brake. Picking this up tomorrow then will take some proper pictures but here it is.

  • Also made a little roll top saddle bag for it. Easily fits two 29er tubes. Frame bag coming this week. Reckon the 'coyote brown' xpac goes really well.

  • Mmm... Looking forward to seeing how you get in with the bags for this.

  • Me too! I'm going for a sort of two thirds frame bag, with two pockets. A bit like the Rockgeist one below. Bolt on attachment at the bottom but lace up at the top I think. I also have a load of non-waterproof zip so will use that and sew covers for the zips. Grey and coyote xpac like the saddle bag. I also made a bar bag the other day but it's black. With the apparently infinite time I have on my hands I might as well go matchy matchy and make another.

  • Bike and bags all looking good. Your wheel building/tinkering area looks very enjoyable!

  • That's pretty much exactly what I'd like for my bike! Even more interested now! Particularly interested in how you see in the divider between the two pockets.

  • Oh nice. I'll do some process and inside out pictures for you. Divider will be velcro and a flap. I like the idea of still having a bottle you can get to easily so the 2/3 seems a good option.

  • We've got a sewing machine on order, looks like I'm going to throw myself in at the deep end!

  • Your saddle bag looks sweet.

    I don't think those waterproof zips really hold out water for that long. Normal zip and flap might be better.

    How are you doing the bolt attachment? With washers sewn in?

  • Thanks!

    Yeah, or the coating peels away and looks rubbish. Got some eyelets to hammer in, with washers. The whole thing is never going to be fully waterproof anyway so waterproof zipper is probably pointless anyway.

  • Also a fan of that escapade
    New wheels look nice

  • Pieces made for the frame bag. Just need to put them together now. Hoping I haven't got something horribly wrong.

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  • Finished the frame bag last night. Made a small mistake with the placement of some of the divider velcro but that is easily fixed. When I do that I'll take some inside out pictures of the construction.

    I added a mesh pocket to the spine, which fits a pump and a voile strap perfectly, and a phone pocket on the 'back'.

  • Excuse the unfinished bike. I'm not that keen on how the white saddle and grips look. Might replace. Are flites actually comfortable?

  • Are flites actually comfortable?

    You're gonna have to try one. Some people find them exceptionally so. I found it about as comfortable as sitting on the seatpost without any saddle. (not that I've tried)

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LeBlaireau's bikes and bags

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