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  • Hi All

    Using this time to skill up on bikes and have been using this forum a lot plus YouTube.

    My girlfriend wanted bullhorns on hers so gave it a go myself with bars and new brake levers from BLB. They had to replace the old levers as they didnt have a hinge so couldnt get them onto the bar.

    I fitted them all correctly (I think) with the only issue being the cables which took up a bit of time reading online. They cable stopper doesnt fit into the hole so sticks out quite unsightly into the handle area - circled on the pic. In fact the stopper doesnt even reach the lever before the thicker inside bit.

    Have I done anything wrong?

    Also taping handle bars is tough but the plugs they gave me dont fit properly into the bar. They can fall out so easily but I have tape over the end holding it in place.

    Loving this journey!

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  • For those kinds of cross-top levers, the design assumption is that the cable stops are back in the levers on the drops. (look at cross bike setups to see how that works).

    If you want to use that setup, as you have correctly diagnosed, you'll need to add in something to hold onto the cable stop. One thing that I have used successfully in the past is to use a brake cable outer cap.

    Hard to explain and I can't draw but cable routing should be

    1. Run the cable through the brake cable outer cap so that it seats into the wide opening
    2. Thread the rest of the way through as you already have done.

    Let me see if I can dig out a picture of my setup. These are what you need.

  • Perfect, makes sense thank you.

    Thats what I find online when I didnt believe the cable would be reversed allowing the cap to fit flush.

    Seems to work fine as is so will continue :).

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Brake setup

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