• https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/193445683140

    Hello, I am selling a couple of my bikes and this is one of them.
    Parts are all original (e.g. Hope Mini Hydraulics with Braided Cables) and in very good condition.
    I really need to move it from my shed as I can not ride any more due to an accident.

    Please contact if more information required.

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  • Lovely bike. What’s the weight? No clue about MTB sizing - how tall are you?

  • Helen is a tall lass by looks of it . Over 6 foot . I used to race a steel one of those back in the day . Looks like there is drilled out ebb in that bottom bracket which is cool . I had the cheap sliding drop out version ..

  • Taken off ebay. Is it still available? Ace ride!

  • I bought it.
    It may well end up on here again this week if my missus works out it’s another bike when it arrives.

  • What else would she think it was?

  • Trying to work that one out.
    It’s being sent as two packages so if i say it’s a set of wheel and a frame she may not put two and two together.

  • I should try that one out. Bring one box in one week—Hide the other .

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On One Inbred Titanium Single Speed Bike- Vintage.

Posted by Avatar for Helen13 @Helen13