Newbie member with a TREK 5200 USPS

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  • Umm they were Chorus Carbon 10spd, running 9 speed cassette. If tie the cable funny, it works fairly well, not perfect but rideable.

    You could use a Jtek now which should make it work better

  • Ah right I see, thanks

  • Is it not easier/cheaper getting a 10spd cassette or does it not fit the freehub? I've a jtek in the spares box but was a pain in the flange to set up so it's never been used in anger.

  • Lol 😂

    I didn’t know about the Jtek at the time! think that bike was ~ 3 years ago, probably could’ve saved money. The HEDs were 10 speed after all.

    I think the reason I did it then was because I liked the Campy levers, with the dedicated down shift button, you could dump 3/4/5 gears.

    Shifters ended up getting stolen a couple weeks later :-(

  • Ah gotcha.

    Those Campag ergos are the best/most comfy too imhop. New shape ones are fugly and the internals made of cheese so I gravitated to SRAM instead as it's a similar shape.

  • That bike looks excellent. Love the look of it, if mine comes out looking that good in its own style I will be happy.
    If the bike comes out as I want it I will probably use it as my " Going out" bike for ride outs and sportives etc. Would love to make it really lightweight. But dont want to go too mad as I am carrying a few sacks of potatoes extra!!

  • I think i still have one of those dura ace TT chain rings in my parts bin. 54 t iirc

    Hit me up if interested but i need to look up what i paid for it

  • Back in the good old days when you could barely recognise the frame under all those decals...

    My old festina with a similar spirit

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  • Nice bike they were certainly of their time in terms of style

  • Does anyone know the size of the seatpost the 5200 takes?

    My cheap calipers vary from 27 to 27.2mm.

    Internet research suggests 27.2, if anyone knows for sure I'd be grateful

  • I have popped in a 27.2 into mine, fits fine. Measured it roughly and took one off another bike to try. I am using that to hold it in the bike stand. Seems snug enough!

  • Nice one, thanks

  • Hi. Just another query regarding groupsets. I would love to hang DA 7800o even 9000 if I can find decent 2nd hand. However I have been offered Ultegra 6700 in dark grey and compsite levers for £200.
    It seems a good price but am unsure. What does everyone think?

  • I think you should pass me the 6700 levers

    DA 7800 has those ugly sideway-cable exits so you should at least go for 7900 (same year as ultegra 6700) for the hidden cables

    Re 9000 i dont know but seems too expensive for me for a neo retro build but thats just me

  • Thanks.
    I think I wanted DA for the standard of the original bike, but as you say, it is a neo retto build so might look into 6700. Cheers

  • Oh nice, just got myself one of these too the other day. 5200 from 2001 with what I believe is all original, 6500 ultegra with all Icon Graphite finishing kit and USPS saddle. Came on some wheels but I've managed to source some Rolf Vectors (although bit tired) literally 20minutes away from where the bike was.
    Only gave it a quick clean w new cables as well as new bartape.

    Planning to keep it as it is bar for maybe upgrading to 6600 for 2*10 and bigger cassette.
    Maybe some carbon deep wheels for the lookz.

    Will be a lovely addition to my Cannondales.

    As for your build I would go:
    A) 6500/6600 or higher and all shiny (polished) finishing kit
    B) modern gruppo on all black/black shiny finishing kit (no logos) and 50/60mm carbon wheels.

    Would be rad in both scenarios. Good luck.

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  • If you want shiny bits I went 105 5700 shifters and ultegra 6700 brakes both 10 speed total cost was £80

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  • Thanks that is a great looking bike. Have to say very jealous to see you have the saddle and found some Rolf's. I looked for ages for some before finding a pair of Ksyrium heliums! I am leaning towards shiny and 6700 at moment plus I cant afford the carbon wheels!!
    Thanks billygoat8.
    Very nice bike!

  • Naw, the 6700 and (respective Dura Ace series) are so ugly compared to 7800. You'll be happier waiting for 7800.
    Also I found that those last-gen 10sp shifters used to eat up gear cables at the shifter exit. Was a right ballache using needle nose pliers to extract frayed gear cable from inside a shifter let me tell you.

    7800 chainset is the best also.

  • Cheers mate. That's why I couldn't resist the bike.

    Saying this something just came up locally so here we go. Rev 2.0. Lol I need to stop.

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  • Agree with all of that. Also, the shifting was infinitely better on the 6600/7800 series STI levers over the 6700/7900 series. Looks (exposed cables) aside, I'd go for the old style 10s shifters every time.

  • Interested to see how this turns out, you seem to have everyone's attention ;)

  • Yes so it would appear!
    I might just go put some SRAM on it!! Lol
    Seriously, I am grateful for all of the opinions and as time and lockdown allows will build this up over time so dont expect an overnight build lol! The picture I have in my mind isnt exact but it will suit me, but may split opinions. But thats cool we are all individuals. Thanks again and any opinion is welcome!

  • How’s the build going?

  • Hi. Its almost there thanks will post an update once finished. Had a few othee things to sort and work has got in the way.

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Newbie member with a TREK 5200 USPS

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