• Thats super nice. Im looking for some carbon forks for mine...

    Out of interest, does the increase in stack from the longer a2c forks (assuming theyre longer than the original steel ones) and the external lower headset cup change the handling that much?

  • Forks are the same a2c, plus a few mm for the headcup, it’s barely going to change the handling.

    If anything, better for going downhill!

  • I thought as much.

  • .

  • .

  • Another update:

    That Lee Cooper 653 road bike has undergone a whole make over from this:

    To this:

    Im very happy how the paint job came out. Its nice when you have so much time to prep a rattle can job.

    I know it needs a new stem too as this is UGLY but its hard to find slim 26mm clamp stems in 100mm length. So if anyone has one let me know.

  • both look super nice! I really like the transition - before pic of the lee cooper isnt loading unfortunately :(

  • Its showing for me? its on the 1st page also.

    I cant get over how much I love the Transition right now

  • Hosting your images on pedal room isnt a good idea they seem to be having a lot of issues lately, I got a HTTPS cert warning earlier when i tried to load the images. it seems. Id recommend moving them to somewhere else

  • Yeah I had load of trouble uploading images last night. Will sort it out later.

  • Those stems are great. Not sure you can even buy that colour new (edit: opposite of what you said....link please :) ? )

    Was it from a Wanty Groupe Gobert team bike or something?

  • It was just a NOS find on eBay im afraid.

    If it was really NOS I dont know but there was not a single mark on it!

  • Photos of the lee cooper are updated!

    I just realized the only thing from the original build is the frame itself.

  • Daaaaamn! 👌 that looks great! Are you going to put decals on it?

  • whiskey no9 fork and id be done.

    always tempted to flat bar mine, but love the surly bars now

  • So much cash tho and I would have to get the colour matched!

  • Thank you.

    Im very happy how the paints come out.

    Probably sans decals for the moment.

  • Hmmm, my wife has a trp fork on there and when yellow it didn’t look bad!

    Here is mine:

    1 Attachment

    • 06EC10A3-CC1B-4F29-9EA4-73FECC77FE46.jpeg
  • @R.hobbs

    Im planning on possibly building my rapture up with gears but I need the downturn cable guide.

    Any chance you have one laying around or know where to get them from?


  • oh i definitely have at least one!

    got spare dropouts too btw - bought a load to make sure I could always keep the frames going!

    let me dig one out of my shed

  • You are my hero if you have one!!

  • Put some gears on the transition.

    It rides okay but its not as fun or nippy as it was in SSCX flat bar mode. So I may just swap it over, though it would be nice to have a geared bike for winter rides.

    I may turn the cdf geared 2x10 sram rival etc.

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    • IMG_20201015_174240-02.jpeg
  • This bike is awesome, looks so fun in flat bar. I'd been on the look out for one after seeing yours on here and then typically one come up for sale on singletrackworld a few days after buying a Kona.

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