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  • Caustic soda is damn messy and proper horrible on the skin but it got this guy out the Marin!

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  • Nice , all the more rewarding when you have to work for it! Looking forward to see where you go with this. I just built up my Marin this weekend, they’re great frames.

  • Those wheels are ace.

  • Well here we are! This is initial set up, it's probably going to get a 1x9 xtr set up with a strindland front ring when they get released. Oh and those nice pulsar hubs on ritchey rims once they get a service.

    Not gonna lie, I'm super excited about this build...these frames are amazing to ride. Wheelies, manuals and hops very easy.

    It may get painted too....

    Damn I love this bike so far

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  • Or I may find a WI ENO hub and run it single speed to be honest...if there was a frame if run SS full time it would be this.

  • This thing truly rips.

    it puts back the fun into Funmuting ?

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  • Nice! How's the bag attached and what is it?

  • hesh

  • Does look fun ! Did you manage to fit a 2.3 on the back ?

  • I'm sure a 2.3 would fit.

    I have a 2.0 on there right now

  • Stridsland fork Would be dope

  • Nobbly 2.3 fit in my similar age muirwoods in case you wondered. I've read people fit 2.1 650b in there, too.

    @Josh what made you discard the midnight special fork for this?

  • So fun - that’s a lovely frame. I don’t think you should paint it, I wouldnt anyway. The outline Marin logo is cool and it’s retro. Maybe paint the fork?

    Looking forward to those hubs getting on it

  • I had a 650b at work with a 2.1 on it and it fits in the rear fine!

    The kona p2 fork is lighter and has a 10mm longer a-c height. I wanted rim brakes front and rear. Love these wheels!

  • You're right, I do love the logos and original paint. It just looks very tired and a new paint job and decals would give it a very personal edge.

    I love the grey and orange combo so won't he painting the fork unless it all gets painted!

  • Go with god, it'll be great either way I'm sure - would you keep it grey?

  • Go with god

    What would Ronnie Romance do?

    It'll either go a pastel pink / lilac / peach colour and get some tan wall super yummys.

    Or a nod to the original and go a shade or two diff from the original colour with some homemade custom graphic by myself, With a contrasting fork again.

    But I like a ratty bike that im not to precious about smashing around the woods....So who knows man...who knows.

  • Ah nice thanks, it looks plump compared to the 28 year old 2.1 Marin lites on mine ! They are on 15mm rims though.

  • Should you sell the Pulsar wheels Josh let me know.

  • new road bike...

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  • Very nice in a sea of +20k snooze vehicles.

    I am not going to say anything about the bars. Not one thing

  • This is hesh

  • Your silence speaks volumes.

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Josh's bikes

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