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  • I like how you're basically telling that pump peg to piss off.

  • I may get rid of it tbf.

  • That has really come together!

  • IG shot.

    Racks are the best.

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  • looking forward to you turning this into a hybrid

  • you are better off spending that money on getting hydro for transition

  • What's a man gonna do, say no to projects?!

  • Pomp looks great! Whats the rear hub?

  • Dt swiss 240 with a SS kit.

  • This is still going strong

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  • Is this on trend?

    Very fun bike tbh, wheelies and hops very easy!!

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  • the hybrid king returns, great build,

    what are these bars?

  • Blb big smoke 25.4.

    Big ol rise

  • .

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  • I bought a sewing machine recently and learnt to make a few mussettes and other bags.

    1st one I made was a single walled basic thing with no zip. These two are lined, with full length zips and a much better strap system. Also not shown are the detachable stabalizing strap to stop the bag from swinging round

    Overall I'm very pleased with these two.

    I'll be making more!

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  • Yep. They look rad.

  • Thanks alot!

    Loads to improve on but overall they're both still very good.

  • Top work, call it a sacoche for style points.

  • I May sell the CDF with flat bar and drop bar set ups. 2x9 / 1x10 and drop bar 10speed 105 set up?

  • What size and how much are you after? I'd definitely be interested if it was a medium!

  • It is a medium! I'll pm you..

  • Yes please!

  • Built this up recently. Got the frame from a friend as I've always wanted one... Even more so now they have stopped making the super galaxy range.

    This is just it's 1st guise. Think it's going to get rack/basket with some swept bars and 1x10 105 down tube shifter set up with the current chainset!

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  • It really needs a possy VO stem tbf and some on one Mary's.

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Josh's bikes

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