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  • Going to dump and organize all my bikes/on going projects into one nice place, keep lfgss nice and tidy.

    Ive currently got 4 bikes now all of which I ride regularly, some more than others I guess!

    Lets start with the daily commuter/shopping/touring/photo getter:

    Genesis Croix De Fer.

    Ive had this bike 2 years and its been decent. Been touring on it, loads of commuting and even took it round cannock chase once which broke me (bike was fine). So decided this isolation to give it a make over..


    I kind of liked it like this as it was rode like a dream and was ratty enough not to care about scratches and dents etc. Though looking at all these nice builds lately and noticing the rust creeping around the place I had to sort it...


    It needs a silver seatpost and then I think overall I am happy with how it looks. The basket is a game changer too!!

    (theres also a 3x9 XT groupset waiting to go on this for touring duties).

    LOOK al264 road bike.

    This thing came to me a mess, stuck seatpost, the alu had oxidized and made the paint bubble and flake of in loads of places, the brake braze-on on the toptube has came off and wont hold a cable in without TAPE round the TT, plus the gear barrel adjusted by the HT have snapped off inside so there is no front adjustment at all! Overall its ratty.

    After some lovely advice from here the seat post came out! I serviced it, set everything up as well as I could given the frames situation and it has been golden. Many long days out this isolation and it has not skipped a beat. Non compact gears are shit tho...

    Maybe I will keep it, maybe I wont. Its too soon to tell.

    Transiton Rapture SSCX.

    This thing is a badboi. I have not enjoyed riding a bike half as much as this, its just pure fun! The build varies from flat bars to drop bars depending on how I feel (currently drops)

    I have picked up a near new 10spd Sram Rival groupset that may go on this if I don't decide to get some hydro flat bar brakes...

    Who knows.

    1997 (I think) Specialzed rockhopper!!

    This thing is just shit amount of fun to ride around. Its basically a big bmx with these bars!

    Basically a rat bike/klunker/ssmtb/hack bike and its flippin great!!

    Thats all for now!

  • Love the Croix de Fer, looks very classy now. Any idea what year the frameset is? Always envious of the less compact ones.

  • I want them all. XTR group was cool on the cfd.

  • This is a 2013 frame, before the compact geo and ugly dropouts!

  • Sure was! regret selling it.

  • Would love to run no Mudguards full time.

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  • What bars are they?

    Such a lovely colour frame and build. Looks solid!

  • Some good looking bikes there

  • Dang. Was about to ask if you still had it!

  • It's a tank for sure.

    Retro 25.4 on one Mary's. Fantastic bars if you can find them!!

  • I love the silver stem/black bar combo. Always looks good

  • @si_mon628 thanks man!

    @Chak yeah she got the CDF. Undergoing an identity crisis with it though.

    I would like to ditch the pizza rack for a smaller front rack to mount the basket on. Nitto m18 perhaps.

    And maybe 2x10 drop bar situation.

  • I agree, I bought some silver bullmoose for this and it's just too much silver. So back to the VO stem and Mary's.

  • I like the LOOK AL264 road bike however I would like to keep all my bikes steel (#steelisreal etc)

    So I have picked up this road bike.

    I dont know what it is, the front end and TT to ST is fillet brazed and the BB cluster is lugged. Its had a terrible paint job so I will strip it back to try and find some markings on it.

    The forks have RIXON decals on them so thats all I have to go on, could just be a Rixon fork though.

    Overall I am very happy for what I paid for it.

    105 levers and 600 tri colour mech in very good condition, some campag brakes etc. Though the plan is to transfer the 9spd campag groupset and wheels from the LOOK over to this, along with the compact bars.

    May also transfer the forks too, who knows.


  • Hmm, looks a bit Dave Yates / Roberts.

    Roberts used different cable guides on the headtube though

  • I have no idea, no frame markings or anything under the paint.

  • @Josh I know that frame... It used to be mine and in my youthful innocence I rattle canned it black... it is powdercoated boring red underneath... the forks are the original and say Rixon because the previous owner prefered them to the ones on his Rixon so first sold me the frame, then a few years later parted with the forks... I then sold it to a chap in Brighton along with the headbadge... Its a 631 (?) Lee Cooper

    Previous owner has sent frame number to Lee and he confirmed it was his and posted out a new head badge, he may still be so kind so drop him a line!

    (and dibs that black Cinelli stem if you are parting with it!)

    Here was the sale thread -­21/#comment12097882

    @Dicko - was this 653 or 631?

  • Straight fork looks spot on

    Must be nice to instantly get the history delivered!

  • Wow Thats pretty cool. So glad to get a bit of history on the bike!

    Yeah the black paint job was a bit bad so i started to sand it down. Powdercoat is a bitch to get off; but I will persist!!

    Thank you for sharing!

    Also if I could get a new headbadge that would be awesome!

  • No worries, lucky I was passing - came here to see the Look, anyway found a picture of the frame from when I moved house around 2016 pre shit black paint

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  • Very cool!

  • Just spent the morning applying layer of paint stripper and scrapping the paint off. repeat x 3.

    Its such a pain in the ass trying to get powder coat off so I am going to get it sand blasted next week some time as its just worth the effort anymore.

  • Dibs the transion if you ever sell

  • Yeah I’d take a 3rd rapture in the shed!

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Josh's bikes

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