Boardman lockdown project (pic heavy)

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  • was considering that...'ll leave the dirt on there for now

  • Wow, rather impressive stuff!

  • Really very, very tidy

  • Thanks all

  • Very nice, very nice indeed.

  • New decathlon stem arrived a few days ago (they are a real nice shape for not much money).
    I think I'll leave it black instead of painting this one

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  • How is the finish surviving?

  • Surprisingly well. It didn't hold quite as well on the seat post, but with some proper prep and priming I think it would have been ok.
    This is the most recent photo I have. There are small signs of wear but no more than factory paint would show up in my opinion.
    All in, can't fault it

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  • Nice. Like how you've managed to get a bar bag to match!
    Seen lots of great results with spray bike so now it's being sold here in Canada I think I'm going to have a go with it.

  • @Sion my old pal, totally missed this thread. Bike looks excellent, well done!

  • So rad. Can't believe this is a rattlecan job. Chapeau!

  • This looks bloody brilliant!

  • Cheers all.

    Been a while @spotter if you get locked down in Swanseas give me a shout

  • Hopefully I'll be back (with my 29er) as soon as the local lockdown is lifted

  • Always happy to (very slowly) ride around afan & clyne

  • Hopefully buying a van this weekend, which will make life easier

  • The brother x wizard bags are perfect for this! Very nice.

  • This looks real good!

  • I didn't need them but kinda had to get them

  • Cool paintjob....Good effort!

    Always great to see people having some fun and being a bit more creative with a DIY rattlecan project like this. Just jumping in and figuring it out as you go is the best way to learn what works and what doesnt in my opinion. All you need is a rough idea of what you want and open mind and you'll end up with something interesting, even if it's not exactly what you were aiming for.

    As long as you dont go into it expecting to achieve a super high quality finish, and just want to have a bit of fun and make your bike a bit more unique, you cant really go wrong. People often end up wasting a huge amount of time and effort trying to get a perfect finish, which just isnt possible with rattle cans!

    Dont get to concearned about the paint getting chipped and scratched though - paint needs to be protected by a decent 2k clear coat to have decent durability.... Which just isnt really possible with rattle cans (You can get 2K clear in a can, but its pretty shit) - So not being to fussed about the finish getting a bit scuffed up over time makes life a lot more enjoyable!

    Happy riding!

  • This is hugely inspiring. Absolutely brilliant result considering it's cans.
    Hadn't heard of until now. Using the tent as a spray booth in the garden is an excellent and simple idea.

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Boardman lockdown project (pic heavy)

Posted by Avatar for Sion @Sion