Fiamme Sprint Rims

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  • I am trying to get a set of vintage sprint/tubular rims with a 32/40 hole drilling for a 1950's track bike...ultimately would like a pair of Fiamme but any from that era would be fine, if anyone can point me in the right direction, thanks

  • might be worth messaging GB vintage lightweight cycles on facebook, he has a large collection of very nice 50's bikes and parts, has helped me out a few times

  • Grubby Hilrey Stone might be a good bet.

  • ......grubby or grumpy?? :)

  • thanks for the pointers, will get in touch

  • I might well have a pair of Fiammes in 32/40, but it may take me a day or two to find them.

  • I'd appreciate that dkmike, even if you have a pair that aren't Fiamme I could still be interested

  • Just had a look on Hilary Stone's website. He has got some 32 hole sprint rims (not Fiamme though), but no 40 hole.

  • cheers, I'll keep a lookout though for a pair

  • Think I could have a pair somewhere- I'll have a look and come back to you.

  • I've sent a PM with some details

  • You're possibly already sorted now, but if not I'm probably not much help, seeing as my 32/40h rims turned out to be a Fiamme rim and one other, and it seems likely you're only interested in a matching pair.

  • I am still looking and would consider besides a pair a single rim if it were the correct drilling, if the pair you have are 32/40 would it be possible to send a pic to << >>? thanks Griff

  • Ok, although I should mention that I'd already confirmed that the rims I had had the 32/40 hole drillings. Although I see that I hadn't clarified that the Fiamme one was 32 and non Fiamme was 40.
    Here's some pics as I'd rather not start an email correspondence if you're not interested:

  • thanks for the pics. no worries about email correspondence, can you let me know the price you want? cheers Griff

  • Righto, I thought £20 plus postage (unless collecting) would be fair considering the rarity and good condition.

  • I think the price is reasonable how much extra would it cost to post to BT34 5JZ?.........

  • Sure, I'll pm you so we can discuss the details.

  • Damn prediction text! Yeah Grumpy ;)

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Fiamme Sprint Rims

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