Bianchi D.I.S.S Rigid MTB

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  • Recently bought this frame off 'ere, started building today :)

    Going to be rigid, single speed, 27.5 tyres, flat bars.

    Step 1...... BB fitted :)

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  • So much potential ! Followed

  • f

  • 8-)

  • XT crank with 32t ring, going to be paired with 18t on the rear. Anyone got experience of what ratios are useful on a rigid MTB?

    Cane Creek 40 headset fitted with a shitty G clamp and bits of wood

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  • 32 16 is the norm on a 26er. I think 32 18 should be good depending on how many hills you'll be going up.

  • I agree. Sounds good but depends on your riding style and area.
    I have 36T and 15, 17, 19 and 21T I swap between.

    Bike is looking good!

  • It's going to be 27.5x2.4 and quite hilly!

  • Build progress :)

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  • That looks awesome. What happened to the rest of it?

  • No idea, just bought the frame and fork. Rear wheel build is in the queue at the LBS.

  • Now waiting for the LBS to finish my wheel build and get it out for a blast.

    WTB Trail Boss, Light, Fast Rolling 2.4 front and rear.

    Might swap the rear for a 2.25.

    Gold chain and yellow grips to complete "the look".

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  • It is fucking ace.

    Need a lightweight 3/32 22t freewheel that doesn't weigh as much as the wheel but apart from that it rocks.

    Going out for a ride tomorrow.

    What shoes are good for mtb on flats? Never ridden anything other than SPDs.

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  • Looks nice man.

  • Shoes are either:

    A) whatever flat shoes you have lying around that you don’t mind getting wrecked; or

    B) Five-tens.

    Bike looks awesome. Enjoy!

  • That's super rad

  • Thanks folks. Very happy that the 27.5 2.4 tyres fit nicely. Good us a few more bits from the stock room :)

    Any recommendations on a good quality 22t freewheel?

    Also waiting for my basic KS dropper in 27.2 flavour, which is going to be sanded down to 26.8.....

  • Lovely looking bike! SS MTBs always look so purposeful.

    White Industries ENO are considered pretty much the best freewheels. Not cheap though.

    Are you already on 32:22? It will be pretty spinny on the trails with 27.5 unless you live somewhere super hilly. I used 32:20 on a 29er for the North Downs and that felt about right for that kind of terrain. But obv use whatever feels right for you!

  • Yeah, it's pretty hilly here, I've been practicing on my geared bike and that ratio is needed for the climbs.

  • Good stuff - only reason I asked is that the WI freewheel is £100 so you probably want to make sure you’re happy with the ratio before you put down the cash!

  • For sure. Going for a proper blast tonight so will take some proper photos and report back on how it rides!

  • Made a great job of this

  • If you're not 100% set on a ratio or you need a little flexibility, White Industries has got your back with the DOS ENO.

    As long as your both your freewheel and chainring have an even number of teeth, chain swaps will deal in whole links - no shitty half-links required.

    Great project, btw!

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Bianchi D.I.S.S Rigid MTB

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