New stem & risers

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  • Hi All

    So I managed to pick myself up a 2017 Fuji Track from Ebay. Arriving Monday and am fizzing.

    It looks like the attached photo. I want to change the handlebars to some risers and I also prefer the more vintage looking stems, attached another photo with what I mean. Are these known as quill stems?

    Looking for your guidance on what I should get, what I should consider and also if any of you have a set for sale?

    Anything else you recommend I should change on the bike?

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  • Stem:

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  • Yep that second one is a quill stem. Unfortunately it won't fit your Fuji, it's a totally different stem system. You can get stems that try to replicate the look but you'll need to use an ahead stem, such as the one that comes with the bike.
    I've got a few spare risers lying about that I could send you for the price of postage plus a small donation to the forum, shoot me a message if you're interested and I'll see what I can dig out! You'll need handlebar grips if you change the bars that come with it.
    The only thing I'd bother changing would be the saddle but only if you don't find the one it comes with comfortable, everyone's arse is different so if depends what suits you!
    My first fixed gear bike was a Fuji track classic and I loved it, I'm sure you'll enjoy this!

  • quill stems and a-head stems (the type that's on your bike now) are designed for different fork types, so you can't easily switch between them. you can get silver a-head stems though.

    i think i have some beater-level silver risers, but iirc the fuji bars are 26mm and mine are 25.4, so you'd need a shim. risers are actually a pain to find in 26mm. i can post you the bars for the cost of the stamps if you like and you can go from there.

  • lol basically the same reply twice!

  • Thanks guys, very quick responses. Not a deal breaker for the steam but would definitly prefer risers. Will measure it up when it arrives.

    Please do send me pics of anything you have! Happy to pay & donate.

    My partner has also got a very cheap Phat Phixie. looks like its got some cheaper gear on it so when it arrives later today ill post some pictures and hopefully you can tell me what needs replacing :).

  • I've got a token track a-head stem in a chrome finish, which would give you a slightly more vintage look. Let me know if you're interested and I can send pics

  • Got this setup for sale collect from Kingston also got a polished 100 mm cannadale C3 stem.

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New stem & risers

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