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  • Got home on Friday to discover my wheelie bin had no lid any more after collection day.

    A swift email to Veolia though and I've been assured that I will have a new bin within 5 working days. Some real efficiency there.

  • Turns out they were too efficient. They repaired my existing recycling bin with a new lid and also delivered a new recycling bin meaning I now have two recycling bins.

  • Phwoar. A quiver of Recyling Bins!?


    (Although I remember a story a few years ago where a family of 3? 4? made it through a whole year with a single black bin bag. Aha: paywalled)

  • When I lived alone I could easily go a couple of months without putting either bin out. With wife and child, both are full to overflowing every fortnight.

  • happy new year, bin nighters!
    I hope none of you were caught out by rescheduled deliveries during the festive season?

    anyway, I thought I'd share this, some next level bin night engineering

  • I hope none of you were caught out by rescheduled deliveries during the festive season?

    We had some rescheduled collections during the festive season 😬

  • Same, although it only meant I dragged the food waste out unnecessarily one night. Rescheduled for today and both the bin folk and I fulfilled our contractual obligations successfully.

  • the bin folk and I fulfilled our contractual obligations successfully

    So the service was successfully delivered ✔️😬

  • Classic youtube 'I'll just bust out the welding equipment, hydraulic steel plate bender and advanced electronics knowledge for a simple home project' but I love it. I'm definitely more at the 'screw two bits of wood together' end of the spectrum but enjoy this kind of stuff. Happy binning all

  • Binmageddon here. Rescheduling still in place, but also not being followed by the collectors, so some early, some late, some on time. All variety of bin out on any given day. Foxes enjoying access to overfilled bins. Carnage.

  • DNC here yesterday, council advises they'll be collected today instead. We wait. That's all we can do.

  • New downstairs neighbours are producing a previously unseen level of recycling - they've apologised briefly but it's like they're feeding a family of six or something rather than a couple! Filled the recycling bin in two days after collection, filled one of the general waste bins with recycling, left a cardboard box full of it which got rained on and collapsed so the path got covered in rubbish. I have to run out with ours as soon as the collection is done otherwise I'll never get anything in there before it's overflowing; as it is we often have to have it stacked in the hall while we wait.

  • Week absolutely ruined - forgot to put out the bins. Black bins not been done for I think a month now.

  • Another re-scheduled collection just this minute. I hadn't even been aware. But thanks to removing the side wall of the front yard during the re-design, the bin folk can self-collect. General waste, paper and card AND the christmas tree that I put in the yard last week all collected with no additional input from me.

  • Disheartening to see the tree just went in the back of the general waste truck. I had (naively) assumed there was some kind of recycling service.

  • Wandsworth council collect the trees separately and then shred them and send them for composting.

    People are supposed to leave their trees in their front gardens, or on the pavement from 6.30pm the night before their usual bin day, but the streets around this time are a nightmare of trees out on the pavement for days and days. I usually move them into the road into an empty car parking space.

  • Mine was discreetly tucked in behind the front wall (got a slightly more reserved tree this year compared to last year's 9ft monster that definitely looked smaller in the place I bought it from than my front room...). This area is a nightmare for fly tipping so didn't want to contribute to that.

  • I nearly hit a tree while cycling down Holloway Road when it was blown into the road in front of me. Now we are banning single use cutlery should we also ban single use decorations?

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Bin Night

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