Bin Night

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  • Brick on top was my first plan, doesn't work. They just keep leaping at the bin until it falls over (even when I've wedged it between other bins).

    Moving to Barnet sounds a particularly drastic solution.

  • Massive bulldog clip on the lid and the lip? Or a bungee maybe


    I've got one if these, handles all our food waste and gives us loads of decent compost for the garden. Council bins are rank when only collected every other week.

  • Ha we actually also have one but it doesn't seem to break down eggshells in the time frame it reduces everything else to a nice compost in.

  • I tried a bungee, fox gnawed its way though the same night. A bulldog clip may work but suspect it may ping off when a fox keeps jumping at it.

    The hotbin looks useful but even the small one is quite big and we don't really need the compost. Food waste is collected weekly rather than normal waste which is fortnightly

  • You got some serious foxes. Brick has been sufficient for our wimpy Kingston gang.

  • Foxes: distract them with Chickens?

  • They're the terrors of the local area. Seems they break into people's houses too.

  • Joys of a housemate/lodger. Both ms_com and I passed out when putting mini_com to bed, forgetting it was bin night. Housemate had the foresight to put everything out instead. Hands free binning.

  • Chap a few doors down died a year ago and his house is now empty; his front garden path has been bindalised. Newham aren’t taking flytipping reports now, because of strikes. People.

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  • Press release:

    Residents of southern Sydney, Australia have been in a long-term battle over garbage—humans want to throw it out, and cockatoos want to eat it. The sulphur-crested cockatoos that call the area home have a knack for getting into garbage bins, and people have been using inventive devices to keep them out. Researchers detail the techniques used by both people and parrots […]


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  • bindalised

    Good word

  • Black bins on Sunday rather than the more normal, even when there is a bank holiday, Monday.

    Blue bins might be emptied on Sunday. Or Tuesday. Or later. Maybe. Too. Much. Suspense. Definitely too many bins on footways for too long.

  • Our green bins weren't collected yesterday morning as usual, but the black bins were.

    They came and did them first thing this morning instead, but the uncertainty and bin-related anxiety were real.

    On the plus side, we were off yesterday doing DIY so the extra bin filling time was useful, we've never had so much recycling in one go.

  • Some bellend estate agents on our high street keep leaving recycling out chock full of half full food containers. I dutifully rescued one from being ripped apart by gulls one morning, knocked on their door and explained why it wasn't a good idea and they they could collect it from my front garden, they didn't, I put it back outside their door.

    Last night I see exactly the same thing.

    I need to escalate this right? Post it through their letterbox topped with frozen sausages?

  • You guys should see how the bin men are carrying the bins out to the lorry today.

  • Sausage shoul have gone in when the closed on Sat..assuming they reopen Tues morning

  • Our Binstigator has out their bins out today. Even I knew there was no bin collections today. Feel like I’ve lost faith in them now…


    (From 2018, and there's an up to date version that's much better than the prototypes.)

  • That is very awesome. Maybe a reason to buy a 3D printer at last.

  • Seems the chicken carcass in the food waste bin is just too much for the local foxes to resist. Looks like I will be discontinuing use of that bin.

  • Cooked chicken is what exterminators who trap foxes usually use.

    Bins were collected after 2 weeks as last Monday's state funeral meant no collections. Needless to say, very full bins.

  • You people are still putting bins out? Lol, bin noobs!

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Bin Night

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