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  • This, but I'm saved, when I remember, by checking our neighbour's binnage. She has, as far as I can tell, a perfect track record wrt bank holiday bin timetable changes and she also puts the bins out at regular as clockwork between 7:00 and 7:15 the evening before they are due to be collected. So a quick twitch of the curtain about 7:30 is all I need.

  • I remembered the bank holiday this week so didn't put the bins out, but the fuckers came anyway. Total anarchy in SE London.

  • Double Bank holiday bin fail. I saw my neighbour's bins were out so followed suit.

    Never rely on others.

  • Since removing the side wall, we no longer have to put our bins out, the operatives just grab them for us.

    However, this week is cardboard and we have three large boxes of the stuff that won't go in the bin. They're usually ok with setting another neatly packed box next to the bin. I'm gambling a bit by putting 3 out.

  • Oh thank you Dust Men. 🙄

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  • Plot twist: you were swatted by a nosy neighbour, and an elite recycling team kicked the door down.

  • Is there any more acute shame than this?

  • Hall Of Shame
    Last week the bin was so heavily laden (a collection was missed, the road was closed) it appeared to break the bin lorry
    I watched secretly from the window
    They tried lifting it in with the metal arms
    It didn’t work
    They left the bin, and others in our road and drove away
    I feel so ashamed

  • I don't know what kind of bin lorry is used where you live, but as a bin man in the Netherlands, i strongly doubt that it was your bin that was too heavy. I have had bins that were filled with cowshit and the lorry had no issue lifting these. Sounds more like the bin lorry had a technical malfunction. Would explain why they left the other bins in your road and drove off.

  • Aye, my garden waste bin has on occasion been filled with super dense dark matter, but they still managed to empty it (the troopers).

  • I watched secretly from the window

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  • We have those large metal communal bins with hinged thick heavy rubber lids (keeps the foxes out).
    Now one of them is missing its lid and I was told by the Dust Men that the lorry had eaten it.

  • I think they knew I was trying to hide

  • Morning meeting over ran, while the good waste disposal chaps pulled down the road a touch earlier than expected.

    Cue chasing the lorry down the road while testing the limits of blue tooth headphones in shorts and a shirt black bin in tow. I do hope they had a good giggle at my expense.

  • Bin collection is clockwork 0630 every Monday on my road. This includes pretty much every holiday bar Christmas.

    Today, 09h.
    My daughter has chicken pox.

    This feels like a lockdown highlight of the day.

    "For me Clive, he went with 2 many black bags in his right hand there..."

  • We moved a couple of weeks ago. First recycling collection was perfect, they even took a bunch of our moving boxes we'd chanced our arm with and put beside the bin.

    However, all the street's recycling bins have now been out since last Thursday, with no sign of binmen. Beginning to feel this move may be a dreadful mistake.

  • Letter to your local councillor, make their day with a letter about bin collections.

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Bin Night

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