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  • Seems like a niche market. I discovered the council do larger kerbside caddy's, about 30l, for their trade waste service. Going to try and get one of them next time I'm at the tip, should work decently strapped to a sack barrow.

  • Had a delivery from Travis Perkins this morning, driver said he used to do the garden waste collections round here. Asked if we were having problems and then said that even though it's supposed to be year round (confirmed by the colour coded bin schedule secured to my fridge) they were told to just ignore them in Winter, explains a lot.

  • Fingers crossed your bins make it through Storm Eunice. We've had bin collections cancelled down here, people are losing their minds.

  • We’ve wedged our bins behind the car in the driveway.
    Hopefully no flying fences.

  • I’m quite glad this week wasn’t bin week - a bit more ballast in the bin to hopefully keep it from ending up halfway down the street

  • Our bins were collected as usual this morning. Although obviously that means they're now empty and lightweight so who knows how long they'll survive.

  • I've just been doing a bit of bin rescue around the neighbouring streets, as people don't seem to have heard there's a bit of weather coming. Quite a few wounded soldiers in the road already, not helped by bin day being yesterday so they're all empty.

    Look after yourselves, and each other's bins.

  • local bin operatives went above and beyond on their round today.
    I left our bin up by the house as they usually collect later in the day, but heard the truck this morning at just after 6am.
    was about to do the 50 yard dressing gown dash, but the guy came and dragged our bin down the drive and saved my embarrassment.
    after emptying, they layed all the empty wheelies on the ground to save them blowing about.

    top one lads. fantastic work.

  • in other bin news, stayed away for a couple of days in the peaks last weekend.
    was impressed by the recycling bin set-up.

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  • Bins are one of the biggest traumas of going on holiday. So hard to know the local recycling rules, almost never detailed instructions.

  • Bins are one of the biggest traumas of going on holiday. So hard to know the local recycling rules, almost never detailed instructions.

    should be like Spain where the same colour bins are used countrywide.

    My blue bin is recycling, a friends is black, my partners is yellow, due to different areas and councils. Some use purple

  • indeed. full marks to the property owner for the recycling facilities and comprehensive binstructions on the kitchen pinboard.
    highly recommended if anyone is looking to stay in a large holiday property in the peaks with excellent waste management provision.

  • excellent waste management provision.

    Primary criterion for holiday bookings, surely

  • 94 kph winds on bin night in the north.

    It’s going to look like a slaughter in the day time.

  • Also amazing when you go out at 6am to pick up bins and find that your neighbour is as thick as you thought and puts plastic rubbish in her blue bin! Now got a garden full of mainly cat food wrappers

  • Some use purple



  • Recycling still not collected the 2nd time, good old HGV shortages!

  • Mrs and son have been away for the last month, visiting family abroad.
    I haven't needed to take the bins out once!

  • For example, my next garden collection at my mum's is next March

    I can confirm for all those holding out, that the full green bin of 'garden waste' was collected at the end of March

  • Bintriguing...

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  • Does anyone have the number for MI5?
    My green wheelie bin (for garden waste) has gone missing, presumed stolen.

  • Just put out green bin, major weeding event at the weekend and can hardly move the bin! I wonder if they will leave it as too heavy :(

  • The shame of forgetting the bank holiday burns deep

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Bin Night

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