Bin Night

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  • Nice work. Did you ever make the obligatory tic-tac box micro bong?

  • No, but that sounds awesome.

  • Wheelie bong, no?

  • Where I live a depressing amount of people never take their bins back off the street. Apparently they are better placed blocking the pavement then cluttering up their drives/gardens :(

  • Sure it isn’t the foxes? They are at ours every week.

  • No it was in one piece when I placed it atop the recycling bin in the morning

  • No one puts their bins out in our street, living in Newham we’d be lucky if we have a collection on Friday’s usually around 9am. The recycle bin fortnightly sometimes can go uncollected for a month. We suffer with flytipping like mattresses and broken down ikea furniture, because we have no bulky waste collection from the council. It’s straight on to the ‘we love our streets’ app for Newham to respond. If my closest neighbour lovely couple Ahktar and Selma are away I put their bin(s) back for them. It’s a sure sign for local thieves to know when people are away. We are fortunate that bins don’t tend to linger on the pavement for too long which is great.

  • You've got the same 24 hours in a day that Beyonce's got

    Beyonce doesn't have to put the bins out.­1479037011617013760?s=20

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  • Bin night / conspiracy thread crossover post.

    Throughout the pandemic the bins on our street have been regularly collected whilst I’ve noticed those on neighbouring streets have missed lots of collection, with last weeks recycling collection not happened at all for all neighbouring streets even though ours did per the Xmas timetable.

    Mystery solved I think as I saw who the owner of the Tesla down the road is; deputy mayor for London Heidi Alexander. Though she’s just resigned so I’ll report back if collections go to shit again.

  • Tomorrow is usually bin day on my road and everyone has their bin out.
    Now, I’ve checked on the local gov site and know it’s actually Wednesday, but I’m finding it hard to hold my nerve.

    #bindrama #bintruige

  • Stay strong. Don’t fold now.

  • My bins overflowing. If I’m wrong about this, I’m screwed!

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  • Thoughts are with you.

  • Get the bins ready and sit by the window all day tomorrow just in case.

  • First bin day for me since December 14th. Lucky I am a filthy capitalist and own the house next door as well so have a double bin allocation available.

  • one for the golf thread

  • Well I won. I showed all those idiots on my street who’s the real king of the bins!

  • We’re proud of you mate. Take your bins out and hold your head high.

  • I thought it was more yacht club than golf club.

  • Thanks, it’s been a real rollercoaster these last couple of days.

    Just got back from a pasta making course and I’ve put the bin out. Was tempted to do a victory lap round the block, but I didn’t want it to appear like I was taking all this too seriously.

  • Not deputy mayor Tesla owner territory, but similar. Garden waste hasn't been collected for five weeks now (two collections missed). Despite being on the pavement, go to the website to be told "your bin wasn't presented for collection so could not be collected, and because it wasn't presented, you can't report a missed collection, you bellend".

    Storm off to FB in a huff, get some local councillors offering their email address, email them, that gets forwarded to my local councillor who just happens to be the guy whose phone and bank cards we found in the park and returned to him.

    Bin still full.

  • True soap opera our ends, with the king of bin night on our cul de sac dethroned in an astonishing misstep on the neighbours WhatsApp.

    An erroneous reminder to put out the bottles and cans last night was swiftly corrected by Mrs Two-Doors-Down referencing the council website, and them at number 7 joining the fray with a sarcastic comment to draw attention to an easily made error at this confusing time of year.

    Despite all of this, a few stoic souls still put their bottle bins out this morning in a showing of solidarity for the King - remains to be seen how this plays out in the coming weeks. Hopefully the king's bottle recycling won't be too much heavier as he works through this with his family...

  • I had a top roadman moment last week. Bin placed for collection at 7.30am. Bin emptied at 7.35am. Back down the side of the house at 7.40am. So wanted to bow in the direction of my jinnet top roadman neighbour .

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Bin Night

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