Bin Night

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  • Please reassure your partner that like our dearly departed pets, our bins patiently waiting for us across the rainbow bridge.

    Live. Bin. Love.

  • Thinking of getting our bins cleaned professionally. They deserve it.

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  • I have just missed bin day. Disfuckingstraught

  • ^ stay strong. [heartsmileemoji.jpg]

    Saw this yesterday, such sadness.

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  • Saw this yesterday, such sadness

    Such a waste .

    RIP blue bin 😢

  • you hate to see it...

  • i've got a skip on the drive at the moment! brilliant!

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  • Are those fireworks? If so, what’s the deal, using the bin to launch them or dispose of them?

  • Probably a concentrated "display" in the bin.

  • On the 13th our blue bin was taken and torched on the nearby field.

    17th a replacement arrived.

    Collection is tomorrow and so I put it out full earlier

    The kids that burn everything were already out on the field.

    I bid farewell to the newcomer.

    Neighbour just messaged me about a fire on the field.

    At least the kids are keeping warm.

  • fill the next one with fertilizer and nails.

  • I don't want them to get hurt. Just to leave my* bin alone.

    '* I know, we are but custodians on their journey to binlightenment.

  • Update: it survived.

    3 fallen heroes though. #4evainarehearts

  • That bin’s a gdmn hero. Might want to invest in a bin lid lock? Surely it’s not as fun for them if they can’t open the bin.

  • It’s been over 18 days since last we had a bin. We’ve pared our lives down to pre-industrial levels of consumption, producing only a single medium, unripped but densely packed bag of rubbish between 3 people. I should feel proud of this, but the way it’s come about has taken its toll on us individually and as a couple (+visitor).

    It’s easy to take bins for granted when you’ve always had one, but when you’ve had one then gone without for this long… it changes you, the way you see the world. A thoughtful gift of individually wrapped sweets at work becomes a burden too bitter to accept. Non-recyclable packaging in the post becomes an act of aggression. A wayward phallus-shaped balloon in the front hedgerow is another flaunting reminder of this universe’s sick sense of humour.

    My gf has spoken and written with concerned council staffer after concerned council staffer. After every call there’s the glistening of tears in her eyes, the strain in her voice trying to reassure our young female visitor that it will all be ok.

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Bin Night

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