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  • We've done some over the quarantine period. Once or twice a week out walking the neighbourhood with my son. Good excuse to get out of the house and move around. The morning of bin day is usually good for cleaning up the bits that fall out. Plus bonus bin men thumbs up / honks / waves when they see you out and about.

    A huge amount of gloves / masks usually. Should probably take your lead and head over to our local park instead.

  • A new bin has entered the game! I signed up for and received my Brown bin from Croydon. Dutifully filled it to the brim with shredded holly, ivy, brambles and rose hip. Weighs a ton. Genuinely nervous that they won't empty it tomorrow.

  • They always manage. Be slightly careful how much you ram into them though as the bins split quite easily.

  • With the garden shredder, it's all fairly compact anyway so no ramming required.

  • So exciting to find this bin depot on a walk t'other day.

    Bin night tonight.

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  • Bin twitter, non-domestic.

  • A totally healthy obsession with litter and anti-vaxx conspiracy.

  • Scope creep is rarely good.

  • Bin wagon drove over my plastic recycling boxes, have ordered some new ones for free, will recycle the flattened recycling boxes :)

    At the same time asked about another green garden waste bin, £40 so decided to continue compacting stuff in my other one. And they will continue to say it gets too heavy....

  • We've just bought a place with no wheelie bins, I had to pay the council £40 for a green bin (recycling) and a black bin (general waste). Neighbour told us someone pinched our green one a while back and seller's builders wrecked theirs so gave them what was our black one. I don't mind that new bin feel though, £40 is arguably a price worth paying for wheelie bins unsullied by the waste of others.

    We need a brown one too for food waste, but also garden waste. This has blown my mind a bit as in Hackney you would never mix garden and food waste. No green recycling bags either here, people seem to just chuck their recycling into the green bin which feels a bit unhygienic to me. Maybe we'll need the services of the wheelie bin cleaning specialists mentioned by @Soul - although putting some bleach in the bottom and filling a bin with hot water has always worked for me.

    Either way, it feels good to have our very own bins, especially as our old upstairs neighbour never cleaned the bloody things out, it was ALWAYS me.

  • Set of personalised bin labels with house number AND street name on order, get me.

  • house number AND street name

    Now house number I am totally on board with, but street name - how likely is your bin to find itself in the next street?

  • how likely is your bin to find itself in the woods, burned out?

    Around here, very.

  • It was our first proper bin night last night, the labels haven't arrived yet but we had both bins full up and ready for the bin men this morning.

    Just imagine how excited I was.

    Totally ruined when I left the door open for 30 seconds and this happened:­Vs9

  • Eek. Where are they from? Do you live in the middle of a stagnant pond or something?

  • Pretty much - right next to Walthamstow wetlands/the water treatment works.

    There have been a lot of these flies hanging around in swarms recently but they follow light and my hall light (bare light bulb) was on - think I got very unlucky and a swarm happened to be right outside when I left the door open!

  • Future bin nights will be conducted under the cover of darkness.

    This also reminded me that we really need a light in our storm porch.

    Luckily they don't bite/bother people.

  • No bin collection for over two weeks, here in Newham, the stench is starting to get to me. And some neighbours are leaving bags on the street for the foxes and goodness knows what else to feed on :(

  • We had a few days where if you left the bathroom window open, it would be swarming inside with the little bastards. They only seem to live a day or so. We just waited a day then cleaned up what had dropped, luckily most had fucked off back out the window.

  • Dibs. Photos please.

  • Binterloper
    Ruinous arrival of parasitic dalek in back garden, stripping away the small joy of the Sunday evening food waste bin ritual: progress?

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  • Progress will be realised when you're tucking in to your home grown potatoes/carrots/etc fertilised by your very own compost

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Bin Night

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