Bin Night

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  • Sadly they weren't my best offering.

  • saw a bloke putting his bins out fully starkers

    Sorry about that, my lockdown drinking has got a bit out of hand.

  • Unscheduled bin collection this morning. Out in the street at 7am in orange crocs and m&s pajama bottoms. The man across the street was out topless too.

    Good times.

  • Both bins we're out yesterday, grey and green.
    Not deliberately, I've been unwell.
    But both got emptied.
    There will be repercussions. I can feel it.

  • What a time to be alive!

  • Did you make eye contact or focus on your bin?

  • Also going back a page, is there a standard for ajar lids to be rejected? At my work, we'd use a gauge to judge gaps between metal panels. Perhaps the same exists in bin world.

  • Bin chaos still reigns round our way. We were very smug yesterday, amongst the few households who'd put our recycling bins out for the first time since Christmas, having checked the council website to realise that our collection had been moved from the usual Friday morning.

    This will be me on Friday morning, watching the local dolts scratching their heads as to where the bin men are, all remnants of "goodwill to all men" replaced with pure hubris.

  • Thought people might appreciate the view from my office window this morning.

    The stoic soldier. He endured his night watch without incident; ready to perform his duty.

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  • The lid of mine is frozen shut. Luckily its the bottles and cans box today and the wheelie has a week to thaw out.

    The bin men get some respect this morning out there getting it done on Kingston's frosty streets.

  • The bin men get some respect this morning out there getting it done on Kingston's frosty streets.

    Neither the food waste nor the recycling bin men have been to relieve them of their duty but I'm sure they'll be around soon. Then it's back to barracks (the garage) for them both.

  • Then it's back to barracks (the garage) for them both.

    Luxury. I make mine live outside.

  • Have you no shame? After the service they perform...

  • Custom PVC bin stickers = living the dream #roamnomore

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  • Look at that subtle colouring. The tasteful thickness.

    Oh my God. It even has a watermark.

  • Look at mr four bins!

  • Grey, green, brown and tiny baby grey who’s just started talking!

  • Regular, booze, paper, chicken bones and (optional) leaves.
    Just had to build a new binstore at the weekend to hide our 4 big boys and one little fella.

  • Related... community litter pick. I'm on month 4 tomorrow, roped a neighbour into helping out too if they show. Here's a past haul.

    Anyone else doing any extra-binning?

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  • ^ p.s. I found a perfectly functional wheelbarrow that had been fly tipped on last months pick.

  • Monday (@ 0640) is bin day.
    Last week one bin of refuse just wasn't taken. The whole bin; about 6X20l bags, all white, tied, with handles.

    (My council has separate wheelie bins, but hasn't introduced them council wide yet, i.e to my street, so I'll be needing similar labels @dubtap hopefully soon.)

    I will be like a hawk ensuring that this happens on Monday morning.
    I'm gearing the whole weekend around it.

  • I sometimes get up early and go outside to greet the bin men with a hail fellow well met. They come in waves: the checkers and movers, then the emptiers, followed by the truck with its quiet, smiling driver.

  • I see the driver as a kindly god smiling as his acolytes fuss around him feeding the gods machine.

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Bin Night

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