Bin Night

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  • waste man? isn't that something else

  • Yep. If someone was to tell me they were in waste management I'd presume they're also in the import/export business and that I probably shouldn't upset them.

    Meanwhile, in Wolverhampton...Ā­-birmingham-55023232

  • The guy who owns the house next door is in waste management. A softly spoken Irishman in his 60s. I tread carefully.

  • The binmen left my bin outside next door and next doors bin outside mine. Next door took my bin in and have placed it at the front of their house.

    1. Should I swap it in the middle of the night when they next door are asleep?
    2. Confront next door with the evidence?
    3. Wait until next week and make sure I'm up earlier enough to put right what once went wrong?
  • No. 2 sounds funny. Do that regardless.

    What's so good about your bin compared to theirs?

    Sounds like an episode of Curb.

  • What's so good about your bin compared to theirs?

    I expect they were twins once upon a time. Mine has my door number clumsily painted in white gloss on the side. Theirs has more accumulated filth in the bottom.

  • Pretty solid evidence I'd say.

    I'd just switch it now. Doing it in the night is weird. If they see you, just say, bin men mixed the bins up with a tut and a roll of the eyes. You're doing them a favour; nobody wants a mislabelled bin.

  • I got Brand New wheelie bins the other day. Seems a shame to put rubbish in them really.

  • I just love that this thread exists

  • Several people in our street have enlisted the help of a travelling wheely bin cleaner. He rocks up with a pressurised water tank and hoses them down in the street. I assume this is done in exchange for money.

    Seems a bit odd to me.

  • I just love that this thread exists

    It has bin a ray of light in an otherwise dismal year. I didn't expect it to take off in the way it did when I started the thread, I genuinely thought folks would refuse to engage. I'm wheelie glad you're sharing the enjoyment.

  • For the first year in a long time there is no adjustment to collection days over Xmas here. Feels strange, but is most welcome as one less thing to think about.

  • Does he hose down the inside? If so, what does he do with the sludge that results?

  • Yes - that's the core service proposition. I think he has a wastewater tank it drains into.

    It's one of these things:

  • It has bin a ray of light

    Don't cheapen this.

  • a present for all you bin lovers out there

  • We used one of these on our bins. Not cheap as I recall. But it did make the bins fragrant for a while.

  • That's brilliant, ta.

  • About to put the bins out with renewed vigour and appreciation.

  • Our bin schedule is still all over the shop following the festive shakeup.

    Tonight I'm putting out the cardboard for the first time since Xmas - it's so squashed in I'm worried they will tip it up and nothing will come out. I'm not actually sure how we'll survive if this happens.

  • Had a similar situation whilst at uni in Sheffield, except with the cans and plastics recycling bin. The bin lid was left slightly ajar due to excess drinking and, to our disbelief, remained full to the brim the following morning.

    At first we thought there must have been a mistake, a muddling of the date, only to see recycling bins lining the street (empty ones at that, we checked). It was only when a couple of fellow students walked by and recognised our dismay that we learnt our first lesson in bin etiquette.

    The lid has remained fully closed upon the putting out ever since.

  • My local authority are all over the shop and haven't settled upon their 2021 bin schedule yet. Cue me chasing the bin men up the road in my pants and bare feet with 2 x recycling and 2 x black bags at 6.30am. What will the neighbours say?

  • May not fit with this thread due to it happening on Bin Morning...
    Dad said he went for a run over Christmas one morning, quite early, and was running down the road and saw a bloke putting his bins out fully starkers

  • What will the neighbours say?

    'nice pants' I'm sure

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Bin Night

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