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  • I got up early last Friday and saw our recycling bins hadn't been hauled to kerbside for collection. I looked inside, no obvious violations of the Bin Code. I hauled them to kerbside. When I returned, the bins had been emptied. I think I heard a nightingale singing.

  • Had the EXACT same thing happen to our food bins this morning! Can't be coincidence, surely - Can I ask what your star sign is?

  • Forgot to put the bin out today (a dark red, almost burgundy). Thankfully the throaty roar of the lorry alerted me in time so disaster was avoided.

    I think I got it without anyone seeing me do the drag of shame.


  • what's up y'all my name is bowlegged lou from full force, and my zodiac sign is -­7ak

    wheelius - the bin

  • Osmanthus with Mercury Retrograde.

  • Last night about 7pm the wife emailed Lewisham council requesting another food waste bin as the replacement one we got has already been smashed by the collectors.

    When I go out at 7am this morning to put the bins out it has already been replaced.


  • Tonight is my first bin night in my new home. May the Bromley council of elders gaze favourably upon my offering of plastics, metals, glass, food and general waste.

  • when i moved i bigged up both councils thanking the former and introducing myself to the new one and lambeth retweeted it

  • It turns out general waste doesn't go out until next week, I feel like such a fool. I'll never live this down.

  • Perhaps an inauspicious start to a new regime of binning, but don't worry, I'm sure your new neighbours won't be too judgemental. Stay alert, control the bins, save face.

  • Round our way there's a company that does more frequent bin collections than the council but you pay them.

    Imagine telling the neighbours over the fence that you've 'gone private on the bins' while necking a cool aperol spritz.

  • Now the whole ends knows you’re a noob hick. You’ll probably be burgled this week and small children will shake you down in the street for cash.

  • Bin collectors important people, however ruining hill reps this morning has me contemplating my actions.
    Should I get a star sign, would this help?

  • My greatest fear. I'll make it up this week by ensuring our bins are the first out, indicating that we're not simply relying on the neighbours to guide us safely through the quagmire of waste disposal routines.

  • Missed the green box day two weeks ago. Luckily I had some spare boxes hoarded. Very satisfying carrying out a stack of three of the fuckers. Now to retrieve them from the various locations to which the Croydon stalwarts have lobbed them after emptying. Pray for my green box lids.

  • this reminds me that we went on holiday last weekend and they just had see-thru ikea looking boxes for the recycling. didn't look official at all. very suspect. they had written the rubbish type on the top of each one but the marker pen had worn off. i couldn't relax with that kind of uncertainty.

  • My councils bin night checker is ace. Confirmed Three is the magic number tonight.

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  • Blue Box (paper & card) and Black Bin (mostly nappies) last night/this morning. And food waste, which is every week.

    They've smashed fuck out of my food waste bin so it is open to the local flies, which over the last week have been rampant. I've taken to storing that round the corner, down the path such is the grossness. MyCroydon website saying they are not delivering any replacement bins or boxes currently.

  • Out here in LB Hillingdon we have four bins,
    general household waste,
    green recycling, (lawn mowings, hedge & plant trimmings),
    food waste,
    but only three collections,
    the food waste goes in with the green recyclables.

    However a 4-week trial is underway to separately collect food waste,
    (and hopefully send it to a bio-digester).
    In the meantime,
    here's some data from the WLWA, (West London Waste Authority):

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  • That increase in dry recycling is made up of 99% Amazon packaging.

  • I nearly cussed out some woman who condescendingly instructed my gf (walking out the door for work) to clean up the mess of our food bin, which looked to have been knocked over and broken by a fox.

    The entire street has become paranoid about their bins in a matter of days: some of the animals (read:neighbours) nearby have been stealing bins, and their victims resort to sneaking their rubbish into other houses’ bins. It hadn’t happened to us, I suspect because we’re a hard mark, but the waste on the pavement didn’t match our consumption so clearly someone finally got up the courage to try us and then didn’t lock the damn thing properly. We’ve received a new bin and it lives hidden in our hedgerow now.

    I don’t know what I’m trying to convey aside from warning about a slippery slope.

  • I was an early adopter of the "house bricks on the lid" fox thwarting method. More advanced techniques round here include crafting a wooden hook attached to a gatepost to hang your food waste bin from.

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Bin Night

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